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We supply major international brands selling on Amazon, wholesalers, retailers, boutique stores and shops with high-quality and dependable cork coasters & mats.


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We supply major international brands selling on Amazon, wholesalers, retailers, fabric & leather stores and shops with quality and dependable cork products.

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OEM & ODM Available

Whether you want to have your logo engraved on the cork product or want to design it differently, we can help you.

100% Natural Cork Coasters

HZCork's natural cork coasters, made from Portuguese cork, are an environmentally sustainable product, cork coasters are soft and resistant to deformation, durable, heat and moisture resistant and easy to clean.


Because we are a cork coaster factory, our cork coasters can be made in all sizes shapes and thicknesses. Regular thickness:3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm

High-quality materials

Our cork coasters are made from FSC-certified Portuguese cork, a renewable product that is soft and flexible and not easily damaged by repeated use.

Sturdy and durable

Because we use the best quality Portuguese cork, the coasters are durable, soft to the touch and unbreakable. Natural cork has a good texture and non-slip surface.

Easy to clean

Space-saving and lightweight. After use, wipe the coaster with a damp cloth. Lightweight and stackable, can be easily stored in cabinets or kitchen drawers, taking up little space.

Perfect table accessory

Perfect material for absorbent and flexible pads on the bottom of glassware. It prevents hot and cold drinks from damaging the surface of the furniture.

Customized patterns

We generally use laser and printing, whether it's a pattern or text, we can help you achieve it on the coaster.

Five-star feedback cork coasters

Blank Cork Coasters
Blank Cork Coasters
Printed Cork Coasters
Printed Cork Coasters
Square Cork Coasters
Square Cork Coasters
Toast Cork Coasters
Toast Cork Coasters
Hexagonal Cork Coasters
Hexagonal Cork Coasters
Thick Cork Coaster
Thick Cork Coaster
EVA Cork Coasters
Self-adhesive Cork Coaster
Cork Trivet 2
Cork Trivet

Size selection

Regular thickness of cork coasters

Regular size of cork coasters

Pattern Customization

Laser Printing

Timeless patterns that won’t fade or disappear, but in a single color.

More color options to create colorful patterns.

Screen Printing

Hot Sale products & packaging

Round cork coasters with metal holder

Set of 16 coasters includes 16 round 4" cork coasters and a 4.5" metal stand. When the coasters are not in use, you can place them directly into the holder without letting the coasters fall apart. This is one of the highest selling sets.

Bulk bundled cork coasters

Packed in a set of 4 cork coasters with linen string bundles and stored inside a linen bag. All natural products and offerings for housewarming, weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's gifts.

Boxed Cork Coasters

Pack a set of 4 cork coasters in a cardboard box. The cardboard box can be printed with your company logo or promotional content, making it the best choice for promotional gifts.

What Sets Us Apart

HZCORK is a manufacturer of advanced cork products, supporting both large and small brands. Thanks to our professional skills and attention to quality, we ensure that we provide first-class cork products that will increase profits and enhance your brand.


Traceable raw materials

We use imported FSC certified cork from Amorim, Portugal (the world's largest cork supplier), which is 100% vegan, eco-friendly and natural.

custom cork sheets

Traditional craftsmanship

We hand sort our materials according to strict Portuguese standards, selecting the best quality cork by size and quality, which no machine can do.



We have a wide range of production facilities. 4 cork fabric lines and a cork moulding workshop. We can undertake any cork project.

Self-owned Factory-1

Preferential factory price

Lower raw material costs due to bulk order demand, and a stable supply guaranteed by professional manufacturing processes, make our low prices possible.

The Original Manufacturer Of Cork Products Supplying High Quality and Affordable Cork Coasters

No matter what style of cork coasters you want, we can manufacture it according to our rich experience. In particular, our equipment supports special craftsmanship, which makes the final product more choices than most cork fabric on the market.

Cork product is taken from the bark of the Portuguese cork oak tree, a renewable resource because the trees are not cut down to collect the cork, only the bark is peeled off to obtain the cork, as well as a new layer of cork peeled off the outside bark, the cork bark will begin to regenerate. Therefore, the cork collection will not cause any harm or damage to the cork oak.

Cork is one of the most sustainable products. Cork is very durable, impervious to water, vegan, environmentally friendly, 100% natural, lightweight, recyclable, renewable water resistant, abrasion resistant, biodegradable, and does not absorb dust, thus preventing allergies. No animal products are used or tested on animals.

The raw cork material can be harvested repeatedly in cycles of 8 to 9 years, with more than a dozen bark harvests from a single mature tree. During the conversion of one kilogram of cork, 50 kg of CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere.
Cork forests absorb 14 million tons of CO2 per year, while being one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, home to 135 species of plants and 42 species of birds.
By using products made from cork, we are contributing to the fight against climate change.

Purchase more products

Eco-friendly cork placemats

Eco-friendly natural placemats are made of waterproof cork to insulate and soundproof your table from hot dishes and minimize noise when setting down plates and cutlery. They are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Cork Tablemat

Natural material

Cork Placemat

Excellent Features

Cork Desk Mats


Cork Mouse Pads

Easy to Clean

Natural Cork Deskmat

The Cork Desk Mat is made of cork material and is very soft and flexible. It will protect your desk and can be used as a mouse pad. It has a fine grain, is sensitive, smooth running, hardwearing and durable. A gift idea for vegetarians and vegans

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