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No matter what style of cork mats you want, we can manufacture it according to our rich experience. In particular, our equipment supports special craftsmanship, which makes the final product more choices than most cork coasters on the market.

Cork blocks

Fábrica propia de productos de corcho

Established in the year 2015, located in Dongguan, China. We are an original factory to manufacture bulk coasters and other Cork mats.

Servicio de productos de corcho personalizados

Thanks to our own cork producer and our extensive network of cork processors, we can offer not only a wide range of cork products, but also customer-oriented services and individual product solutions.

Muestra gratis de posavasos de corcho

Get wonderful cork samples for free and you pay only for shipping to get non-custom cork products!

Posavasos de corcho con comentarios de cinco estrellas

HZCORK wholesale coasters, made from Portuguese cork, are an environmentally sustainable product, cork coasters are soft and resistant to deformation, durable, heat and moisture resistant and easy to clean.

✅ Eco-friendly, 100% genuine natural

✅ Material de corcho certificado FSC de alta calidad de Portugal

✅ Disponible en diferentes tamaños y grosores de posavasos de corcho

✅ Grabado a láser con tu logo y diseño

✅ Embalaje personalizado de calidad

Blank Cork Coasters
Posavasos de corcho en blanco
Printed Cork Coasters
Posavasos de corcho impreso
Square Cork Coasters
Posavasos cuadrados de corcho
Toast Cork Coasters
Posavasos de corcho tostado
Hexagonal Cork Coasters
Posavasos de corcho hexagonales
Thick Cork Coaster
Posavasos de corcho grueso
Posavasos de corcho EVA
Posavasos de corcho autoadhesivo
Cork Trivet 2
Salvamanteles De Corcho

Posavasos de corcho al por mayor a granel es fácil

Ya sea un juego de 6 piezas o un juego de 12 piezas, posavasos en blanco o posavasos impresos, HZCORK le proporciona posavasos de corcho de alta calidad y alta densidad a precios asequibles. Podemos proporcionar las mejores soluciones de personalización al por mayor para grandes corporaciones, así como asistencia flexible para nuevas empresas.

posavasos de corcho

HZCORK’s cork coasters are made from the bark of Portuguese cork. The lightweight, waterproof, renewable natural material is suitable for everyone.

Posavasos de corcho personalizados – Send us to create a personalized design and then we will send you the artwork, you have the choice to resize and rotate as needed. Add text or name is available. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will start to make a sample order.

TALLA AJUSTADA – Because we are a cork coaster factory, our cork coasters can be made in todos los tamaños formas y espesores. Regular thickness:3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm

Materiales de alta calidad – our cork coasters are made from FSC-certified Portuguese cork, a renewable product that is soft and flexible and not easily damaged by repeated use.
Robusto y duradero – Because we use the best quality Portuguese cork, the coasters are durable, soft to the touch and unbreakable. Natural cork has a good texture and non-slip surface.
Fácil de limpiar – Space-saving and lightweight. After use, wipe the coaster with a damp cloth. Lightweight and stackable, can be easily stored in cabinets or kitchen drawers, taking up little space.
Accesorio de mesa perfecto. – Perfect material for absorbent and flexible pads on the bottom of glassware. It prevents hot and cold drinks from damaging the surface of the furniture.

Manteles de corcho

Eco-friendly natural placemats are made of waterproof cork to insulate and soundproof your table from hot dishes and minimize noise when setting down plates and cutlery. They are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Manteles individuales de corcho personalizados – Send us to create a personalized design and then we will send you the artwork, you have the choice to resize and rotate as needed. Add text or name is available. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will start to make a sample order.

materiales naturales – Cork placemats are made from 100% environmentally friendly renewable cork particles, providing a naturally soft surface to protect your table
Todos los tamaños – HZCork can produce cork placemats in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different mugs, hot cookware, glassware.
Excelentes características – Cork placemats are heat-insulating, waterproof, moisture resistant, anti-slip, shock-absorbing, sound-absorbing, flexible, non-deforming, reusable, easy to clean and decorative.
lugares aplicables – Cork placemats are widely used for tables in different places such as homes, kitchens, laboratories, restaurants, cafes, bars, offices and conference rooms to keep the tabletops neat and clean; they can also be used as mats for mini potted plants, as handmade crafts and decorative items.

Alfombrillas de escritorio de corcho

The Cork Desk Mat is made of cork material and is very soft and flexible. It will protect your desk and can be used as a mouse pad. It has a fine grain, is sensitive, smooth running, hardwearing and durable. A gift idea for vegetarians and vegans.

Alfombrillas de escritorio de corcho personalizadas – Send us to create a personalized design and then we will send you the artwork, you have the choice to resize and rotate as needed. Add text or name is available. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will start to make a sample order.

Proteja su escritorio: No water absorption, no oil absorption, protect your glass/wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills
Protección duradera y ambiental.: Desk pads made from a unique blend of plant-based cork, environment protection, and durable
Fácil de limpiar: Cork material, just use a wet cloth to wipe it.
Simplicidad natural Tacto suave: The combination of natural cork texture and minimalist design can not only clean the table but also relax the mood and bring a comfortable experience. The natural cork lets the air stay in the desk pad, bringing fresh and moist touch. Every touch is like touching nature.

posavasos de corcho

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Alfombrillas de escritorio de corcho

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Patrones personalizados

Reproducir video acerca de posavasos de corcho personalizados

Personalización de patrones

Impresión láser

Timeless patterns that won’t fade or disappear, but in a single color.

More color options to create colorful patterns.

Impresión de pantalla

Los servicios de HZCORK siempre van más allá

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy cork products traders. HZCORK’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. We take care of all the dirty works, including trade stuff, clearance and logistics, etc. Our consultant will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

custom cork sheets
OEM & ODM Available

Tanto si desea grabar su logotipo en el producto de corcho como si desea diseñarlo de forma diferente, podemos ayudarle.

custom cork mass prodution
Entrega rápida de iluminación

If you don’t need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

Comience con MOQ bajo

We accept orders from small businesses, and within our acceptance range, we wholesale bulk cork coasters and mats.

Nuestros increíbles clientes

Las marcas líderes con las que trabajamos por el ecologismo

Sourcing Natural & Sustainable Cork Products From HZCork

brice icon Para propietarios de marcas

Allow us to work with you and take your cork products design from concept to reality. We work with you by understanding your goals and turning them into the perfect solutions for your cork products.

brice icon For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our modern production facilities allow us to offer quality cork products to appeal to your target clients and market. You can benefit from our streamlined manufacturing practices and receive competitively priced, premium-quality products as a manufacturer or supplier.

brice icon Para Mayoristas

Estamos orgullosos de operar una de las instalaciones de fabricación de telas de cuero de corcho mejor equipadas. Nuestro rápido proceso de producción en masa nos permite ofrecer productos de alta calidad a precios asequibles, lo que se traduce en ahorros minoristas para sus clientes.

¡Deje que HZCORK.COM impulse su negocio hoy!

HZCork ha estado en el negocio de productos de corcho al por mayor durante más de 10 años, deje que un verdadero veterano de la industria le proporcione productos de corcho de alta calidad.

✅ Materia prima de corcho 100% natural certificado FSC
✅ Más de 500 patrones de tela de corcho
✅ Máxima calidad comparable al cuero
✅ Respaldo ecológico vegano

HZ CORK – Fabricante original de productos de corcho – © 2021 TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS

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HZCORK ha estado en el negocio de las telas de corcho al por mayor por más de 10 años, deje que un verdadero veterano de la industria le proporcione productos de corcho de alta calidad.

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