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Vente en gros Haute Densité Rouleaux de liège & Feuilles de liège

  • Jusqu'à 1220 mm de large
  • High Density & High Toughness
  • Tailles personnalisées disponibles

Fabricant de rouleaux de liège

Rouleaux de liège 100% naturel, fabriqués à partir de ressources renouvelables et respectueux de l'environnement.
Les rouleaux de liège sont fabriqués à partir de cylindres jusqu'à 1.22m wide and can be custom cut to length.
Depending on the application, fine to very coarse cork grain is specified; light, medium, and heavy densities, with cut thicknesses ranging from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm thick.
Disponible en 10, 20, 30, and 50m Rouleaux.

cork sheet

Feuilles de liège en gros

Custom cork sheets can be made in different thicknesses and sizes according to your requirements.
Cork sheets are great for flooring and liners, coasters, crafts, gaskets and other custom designs.

Paramètres de spécification

Width: MAX 1.22m

Thickness: 1-10mm

Size: 1.22m *10~50m *1~10mm

Material: fine, medium and large grain pure cork

Density: 220 kg/m³, 240 kg/m³, 260 kg/m³, 280 kg/m³

Customisation: different sizes disponible


Avantages du liège

🔹 Cork is 100% natural


🔹 Anti-statique

🔹Résistant et flexible

🔹 Résistant à l'humidité et à l'eau

🔹 N'attire pas la poussière et la saleté

🔹 Résilient et flexible

🔹 Matériau isolant thermique et acoustique


Matériau écologique naturel


Durable & self-repairing


Un décor de qualité auquel vous pouvez faire confiance


Easy to install & design



Démarrez votre projet durable
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How do I choose the best cork thickness?

Depending on the cork thickness you choose, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for a cork liner for your flooring or a cork for your coasters, you should pay special attention to the thickness of the cork.

Certaines des épaisseurs de liège les plus courantes que nous proposons incluent

DIY cork sheets 3

What is the thickness of cork sheet suitable for craft projects?

There are no hard and fast rules for cork roll thickness or cork sheet thickness for craft projects. However, if you are looking for material suitable for rainy day projects, then 1/8 inch thick cork should be sufficient for your needs.
Using this cork sheet or cork roll thickness, you will be able to confidently make drawer liners and cut coasters.

What is the correct cork roll thickness or cork board thickness for liners?

If you are looking for the best cork roll thickness or cork sheet thickness for sound deadening, then 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick cork – available in roll or sheet form. If you want better sound reduction, then thicker cork is obviously better. Double the cork roll thickness or cork sheet thickness to 10 mm.


What is the optimum cork thickness for a cork board?

If you are creating a fixed panel or fixed surface, you should consider using a 1/4″ thick cork. This cork can be installed directly onto the wallboard.

What is the optimal cork thickness for coasters?

Whether you are making a cork coaster or looking for a cork backing for a coaster, thickness is of the utmost importance. The cork backing will be responsible for absorbing impact, acting as a cushion, and adding a little weight to your product. When protecting ceramic, stone, slate or any other coaster from damaging the surface of the table, a typical cork thickness is 1/16th of an inch.



Cork sheets offer decorative and functional solutions for a variety of DIY projects such as covering boring surfaces, building scale models and hand-cut placemats or unique wall features. This natural material is not only waterproof, but also offers excellent thermal, acoustic and vibration protection. Best of all, it is sustainable and completely recyclable!


Tableau de liège bricolage

Les planches de bricolage en liège ne sont pas seulement une décoration naturelle exquise et étonnante pour votre maison


Mur de Liège

Cork board walls for sound and heat insulation, but also as an extraordinary and convenient office pin board


Sol en liège

Cork flooring absorbs sound, is soft and comfortable, and is water and dust resistant


Comptoir en liège

Cork boards are durable and flexible, easy to cut and can be cut into various sizes depending on the actual cork mat

Service de découpe sur mesure pour feuilles de liège

We offer a bespoke cutting service to ensure that we can always supply whatever our customers require.
By using state-of-the-art machinery, we can cut cork boards to a variety of sizes to suit your design ideas.


Tailles de feuilles de liège personnalisées

Depending on your application requirements, we will bulk cut the cork rolls to the shape you need.


Couvrir les épaisseurs d'application

HZCORK’s regular cork sheets are 1 to 10mm thick, covering most industry application requirements.

cork sheet 4

Contrôle de haute précision

Nous utilisons un équipement de pointe pour couper et maintenir une taille uniforme pour chaque feuille de liège

Factory Directly


HZCORK est un leader international usine d'origine de produits en liège integrating R&D, production, and wholesale. We use Portuguese Certifié FSC cork raw materials and follow the traditional standard of hand-sorting materials to ensure the quality of materials. We have hautement qualifié workers, haute efficacité de production, and installations de soutien parfaites. So we can do complex cork products with livraison rapide et prix compétitif.


Liège de qualité FSC

cork rolls 14

Tailles conçues sur mesure

cork rolls 15

Vente en gros à la demande

cork rolls 16

Prix ​​de gros

Certification de qualité

Approuvé par

HZCORK has won praise from customers at home and abroad for its favourable prices, superior quality and enthusiastic service.


Qu'est-ce que le liège et pourquoi est-il un matériau durable ?

The cork is obtained from the barks of the cork oak tree. The trees live around the Mediterranean region, especially in rural areas of Southern Portugal — where the trees can live up to 200 years. Because the tree doesn’t have to be cut down during harvest season, the barks will regenerate back in about 8-9 years.

Are you a manufacturer of cork products?

HZCORK is a leading international source factory of cork products in R&D, production and wholesale, providing you with a one-stop solution for cork cloth and cork products, including cork cloth, cork bags, cork mats, cork rolls & sheets, cork yoga sporting goods, etc.

Puis-je personnaliser n'importe quelle taille de feuille de liège

Les rouleaux de liège sont disponibles dans une largeur maximale de 1,22 m et peuvent être personnalisés dans n'importe quelle taille tant qu'ils ne dépassent pas cette largeur

What is the maximum length of a cork roll in metres?

As we are a manufacturer of cork products, in principle there is no limit to the length, but depending on the thickness and length required by the customer, the rolls can be 10, 20, 50 metres etc.

Can I get a free sample of the cork sheet?

Yes, you can get a sample of our cork chips for free, you just need to pay a small shipping fee. Cork sheet samples are generally available in A4 size or smaller.

What is the difference in density of cork sheets?

The density of cork chips ranges from 220 to 280 kg/m³, the higher the density the harder it is.

How quickly can I get my cork rolls & sheets?

This depends on the size and quantity of cork products you require. If you provide us with conventional sizes, a quality product can be manufactured in as little as one week. Special size specifications will take longer. We will give you an approximate delivery time in your quotation. As for shipping, air express 3-7 days. Worldwide sea freight 15-30 days.

What are your payment terms?

If the amount is less than US5,000, the order will be placed in full. For amounts over $5,000, we accept 50% T/T upfront deposit and the remaining 50% T/T prior to shipment.As for shipping, air express 3-7 days. Worldwide sea freight 15-30 days.

Service de liège personnalisé en gros en ligne

Don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest special offers. HZCORK’s product specialists are happy to assist you and offer a wide range of flexible and reliable solutions to help you solve your problems.

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