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How I met with cork?

“When I first met with cork, I was hooked by this miracle tree. I decided to dedicate my entire life to cork career .”

Andy Liu

Why Cork?

Hi, I’m Andy Liu, the founder of HZ cork. I met with Portugal cork on the year 2015. I went on an exclusive tour to Portugal and found there is cork shop in every streets and alleys. I was astonished by how cork can be used to do. Every cork item looks so beautiful and unique, like a piece of art. I decided to bring them to China, my homeland. So I create my own cork fabric manufacturing factory.

Build your own patterns, unique and eco-conscious

We’d like to develop new patterns of cork fabric every 3 months, and new style of cork bags every one month. OEM e ODM are welcomed, we will strictly follow your design and protect it.

Build your own dream pattern, show your own lifestyle.

A proposito di HZCORK



Dongguan Huichung Cork Products Co., Ltd

Professional Cork Fabric Manufacturer & Cork Bags Supplier You Can Trust

Established in the year 2015, located in Dongguan, China. We are an original factory to manufacture cork leather fabric and other Cork items. Cork Fabric can be widely used in many different applications. Our founder was engaged in making cork for more than 10 years, obtaining abundant experience and knowledge. Our factory has strict control over the sorting of cork raw material from Portugal and high standards on inspection goods. Although we are focused on production, we offered competitive prices without compromising on quality control and service standard. Our factory has AAA credit, ISO9001 certificate over quality control, and FSC,REACH SVHC, DFMA certificates regarding cork material.

Produttore leader di prodotti in sughero

There is less than 5 cork fabric factories in China until now, we are one of the leaders. All our cork raw material was imported from Portugal with FSC certificate. We sort materials by hand in strict accordance with Portuguese standards. So quality was promised. we have high qualified workers, high production efficiency, perfect supporting facilities and lower labor cost. So we can do complicated cork fabric and bags with fast delivery and competitive price.

Cork is not just eco to the planet and your future. It is also about innovation. If you care about the future of our planet, work with us Dongguan Huichung Cork Products Co., Ltd. We will grow up with you together to discover more possibilities of cork.


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Progetto riuscito




Spazio manifatturiero

Controllo delle materie prime

All of our cork products are produced using high quality Portuguese raw materials, including cork leather fabrics and other cork products.

Processi di produzione più rapidi

With over 10 years of experience in cork production and a systematic production process that includes debarking, peeling, laminating, grinding and shaping, we are able to quickly solve any problems in production.

Filiera di livello mondiale

Yes, we are in the largest industrial production location in the world, whether it is a 10mm button or a dozen tons of machinery, we can find it in this huge running machine in 24 hours.

Manodopera più conveniente

Our employees have a dedicated attitude and an efficient work ethic, and are more often than not participants in the development of the company together with us. Efficiency, conscientiousness and responsibility are our watchwords.

Riduci i costi e ottieni un prodotto di alta qualità

Cosa facciamo per i nostri clienti

As the premier cork supply manufacturer, our optimised machinery and operational processes allow us to offer our customers high quality and customisable cork product solutions.
We offer complete manufacturing solutions, allowing you to focus on marketing and winning your customers’ business.

Clienti in tutto il mondo

We visit our partner customers every time we go to an exhibition.









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Consulenza prevendita

We will give you positive advice regarding how to treat cork fabric and bags, tell you advantage and disadvantage.

Follow-up tempestivo

During production, we will show you process with photos and videos, and timely reply to your questions in 24 hours.

Assistenza post-vendita

As a professional manufactuer we will help you fix any problem regarding quality or shipping. We have 2 years guarantee.
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Certificazione Professionale

Quality is our focus.

Let boost your business today!

HZCork has been in the business of wholesale cork fabrics10+ years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality cork products.

*Tutti i caricamenti sono sicuri e riservati.

As one of the leading cork fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale high quality cork fabric at competitive price from our factory.

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*Tutti i caricamenti sono sicuri e riservati.

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