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HZCORK is a professional cork bag wholesaler, offering all kinds of cork bags wholesale and customized, including cork handbags, cork wallets and other cork bags.

Пробковые сумки из веганской кожи китайского производства из португальской пробки.

100% animal-free, FSC certified, BSCI audit manufacturer

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Popular & Sustainable cork bags

С развитием каналов онлайн-продаж, таких как Amazon и Etsy, наши клиенты становятся все моложе и моложе. В дополнение к этим традиционным брендам пробковых пакетов мы также начинаем уделять особое внимание поддержке новых брендов, уделяя особое внимание новому дизайну, стилю и методам логистики.

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Options & Materials

Сотни вариантов пробковой ткани

We provide you with all the materials you need to customize your cork bag.

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Поддержка быстрой цепочки поставок

We have the world’s most complete light industry production supply chain, where we can have any bag accessory you want, such as hardware, zippers, and fabrics, within 6 hours.

Through our integrated screening, we have more than 10 years of stable cooperation with the supply chain, you can rest assured that your creativity and trust us to realize your ideas.

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Больше вариантов материалов

Непревзойденное качество

Эффективный сервис

Vegan & Eco-Friendly

Cork is the bark of the cork oak. It is a 100% natural plant. The harvested cork oak trees absorb 3-5 times more carbon dioxide than the unharvested ones.

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Elastic & Compressible

It can be compressed to around half its thickness without losing any flexibility, and it decompresses, recovering its initial shape and volume, as soon as it ceases to be compressed.

Antistatic & Anti-allergic

It can be compressed to around half its thickness without losing any flexibility, and it decompresses, recovering its initial shape and volume, as soon as it ceases to be compressed.

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Over 50% of its volume is air, which makes it very light. It weighs just 0.16 grams per cubic centimetre, and it can float.


Cork is resistant to wear, thanks to its honeycomb structure, which makes it less affected by impact or friction than other hard surfaces.

Excellent thermal & Acoustic insulator

Cork has low conductivity to noise and vibration. This is because the gaseous components contained in cork are enclosed in small impermeable compartments, isolated from each other by a moisture-resistant substance.

Why Choose HZCORK Cork Bag?

As a factory direct wholesale cork handbags for over 10years, we cultivate long-term and appreciative business relationships with our customers, bringing them considerable market growth.

HZCORK is a one stop solutions partner for your growing market. We always aim at producing and delivering sustainable cork bag that satisfy every customer in the world.

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Богатый опыт работы с пробковыми сумками

Cork bags are made with more delicate craftsmanship, and it is difficult for ordinary bag factories to make cork bags that are perfect in appearance and quality. And HZCORK has years of experience in producing wholesale cork bags to provide you with unparalleled products.

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Лучший материал и доступный бюджет

Because HZCORK also produces cork fabrics, from material to finished product, there is no middleman, saving you a significant budget while getting quality materials from the source factory.

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Квалифицированный мастер

We have experience in making over 100 types of cork bags, no matter what size, offering you effective and practical advice for your design, customised to your needs.

производство пробковых пакетов

Безупречный сервис

From the moment you send us your ideas, we offer you a first class service: choice of materials, advice on design, cost of production, experience in distribution, packaging and logistics options, all round making it easy and cost effective to wholesale cork products.


How to make wholesalecork bags?

Whether you are a startup business or a well known brand in the market, custom handbags manufacturing can be easy if you follow the appropriate steps.


Design & Receive Quote

Provide us with your cork bag design and tell us your specific requirements to get a quick quote from our experts.


Генерация образцов

If you want to start feeling the quality of our cork bags faster, we can provide you with color swatches and stock samples quickly. For custom handbags, this typically takes 5-10 business days.


Массовое производство

After receiving your approval, we immediately prepare the materials and accessories to produce your cork project according to the order schedule. This process generally takes 15 to 45 days.


Контроль качества

We excel when it comes to the quality of our products because we take quality management very seriously. There are strict procedures in place to ensure that your promotional products are manufactured to an exceptional standard that befits your company.


Организовать доставку
We load all custom bags onto HZCORK trucks, and send them to dispatch points for customs clearance. You just need to wait until the products come up to you.

Основы оптовых пробковых пакетов

HZCORK использует импортное пробковое сырье, сертифицированное FSC, от португальской компании Amorim (крупнейшего в мире поставщика пробки) и следует португальским стандартам ручной сортировки материалов для обеспечения качества материалов.

Cork bag: 300Pcs
Cork wallet: 500Pcs
If you are a start-up company or a craftsman who cannot meet the minimum order quantity, please contact
contact@hcork.com for a flexible solution.

The price is determined by a number of factors such as material, style and size. If you tell me the specific requirements of the handbag, we can offer you the best price.

Yes. We charge a small sample fee for processing, and you get a sample with your own design. This fee is refundable when a certain number of orders are confirmed.

Material, size, style, color, logo profile, logo size, logo print terms, quantity, and any other needs. And send an email to contact@hcork.com to require a quotation

A: 50% T/T deposit, 50% balance before delivery.
B: 100% in advance, L/C at sight, Western Union for small amount payment.

Usually within 30 days for none custom product, but 60 days for customized cork handbags. This is because we ensure that every customized cork handbag you ordered is uniformed and detailed.

Our cork bags are made by experienced craftsmen with the finest materials. Not only high quality, but you can also be part of a sustainable market at affordable rate.

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*Все загрузки безопасны и конфиденциальны.

Начните свой устойчивый бизнес с HZCORK!

✅ 100% натуральное пробковое сырье, сертифицированное FSC
✅ Более 500 моделей пробковых тканей
✅ Непревзойденное качество, сравнимое с кожей
✅ Веганская экологичная подложка

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Запросить бесплатное предложение

HZCORK занимается оптовыми поставками пробковых тканей более 10 лет, поэтому настоящий ветеран отрасли предоставит вам высококачественную пробковую продукцию.

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*Все загрузки безопасны и конфиденциальны.

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