10 reasons why you will fall in love with cork fabric

Cork fabric is new trendy. This eco-friendly and sustainable material is an amazing alternative to leather or vinyl. You must doubt that. Let me tell you 10 reasons why you will choose cork fabric instead of animal leather or vinyl. 

natural cork fabric 7
  1. Eco-friendly to the environment, Animal leather not only harms animals but also caused water pollution. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. It is also the second in terms of water usage, unbelievable, right? One of the reasons behind the terrible statistics of the fashion industry is animal leather.
water pollution
water pollution

2. Cork is 100% sustainable and degradable

Cork is natural and sustainable raw material, no need to cut trees for harvest. The peeled bark will grow back and be 100% degradable.

cork tree
cork oak tree

3. soft and smooth touch, Cork leather, despite coming from a tree, is a very soft material.

cork fabric product background
soft natural cork fabric

4. Durable, In terms of durability, cork fabric wears similarly to leather which is another reason this cork fabric is often called Cork Leather.

5. Stain-resistant and easy to clean. Cork Fabric can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). But in fact, you don’t have many occasions to clean it, think about red wine again. The cork is always perfectly clean!

6. Not like other wood material, cork is very slow-burning, this feature protects the forest around the Mediterranean region, so it’s natural flame retardant.

7. Antimicrobial and moisture-resistant, which can prevent bacteria mold and odors. Perfect use as cork wallpaper.

8. Insulation of heat, and sound absorber: perfect use as cork coasters, cork upholstery wallpaper and flooring.

cork wallpaper material
cork tree

9. Colored and fashionable – It is possible to have cork in different colors and patterns like the below pictures show.

colored cork farbic-before
colored cork fabric

10. Extremely lightweight and compressible, Cork is a very light material, only 0.16g per cubic centimeter, which can float on water, think about red wine again. So it’s perfect for handbags and backpacks.

Where you can buy cork leather fabric

We are a manufacturer of cork leather fabric. we have a lot of inventory, offering small MOQ and fast delivery. We hope that from now on you like cork leather fabric as much as we do. It is a great eco-friendly material that makes a great innovation for our world, it also drives us to move forward. Cork leather handbags, cork shoes, wallets and purses, cork wallpaper and flooring, are all the future. Let’s work for the future happening now.

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