Eco & Sustainable cork fabric with various color and pattern selections from Original Manufacturer

Plant-based Vegan leather, animal-free, FSC certified, fabric lover’s choice

Vegan Leather

Cork fabric is as durable as leather, has the same touch pro quality. It comes from bark of cork oak tree. So it’s plant based leather, does no harm to the animal.


It is made from the bark of cork oak tree, then attached to a backing (cotton, linen, or PU backing)



Cork leather, despite coming from a tree, is a very soft material.



Cork leather is actually very light thanks to its ethereal structure. More than 50% of its volume is air.

Most Sustainable Fabric

Cork fabric comes from bark of cork oak tree. Cork trees aren’t cut down in the harvesting process. Only the bark is stripped from the cork oak, and it regenerates every 8 or 9 years. It’s a miracle circle.


The bark of cork oaks rebuilds itself every 9 years which means cork leather is a great example of a sustainable material.



All cork is entirely recyclable, and after its first usage, it can be ground into pieces to be used for making new items.


Unique, thanks to its distinctive pattern, you can be sure that no two pieces of cork will be the same.

Ethical Fabric

Cork fabric is a gift from nature, a gift for fabric lovers. A gift for those whom care about nature, care about the future, it’s also about innovation.


Cork leather was completely cruelty-free, does no harm to animals that will convert you from animal leather straight away.


Scratch-resistant – No need to worry about your keys scratching it.

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It is stain resistant.You can easily clean and wash it just with some water and soap.

Eco friendly textiles

We make full use of every piece of cork material from Portugal, no any waste during production. Even the grind cork was used as fertilizer. 


You can already see that this is a very strong material. NASA uses cork to protect some rockets from very high temperature.

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Cork doesn’t absorb dust so people with various allergies and asthma can use it without any problems.


Cork is slow to burn, that’s why it acts as a protection for cork oak trees in Portugal.

Biodegradable Fabric

Since we use plant-based fabric and backing, our cork fabric can be degraded by nature easily and fast. No plastic junk waste.There is minimal impact to the environment.


Cork’s conductivity to vibrations, heat, and sound is very low.

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Thanks to the presence of air in it, it is a very elastic material. That’s another reason why it is a good fabric to make handbags from.


It is possible to have cork in different colours and patterns.

Modern craftsmanship + natural materials

Special patterns are made through different processes to match different products, and the unique effects will make your eyes shine


There are manual knitting and machine knitting


Laser all kinds of shapes you want

Silk screen

The pattern can be customized by the customer, the color is bright and does not lose the color

What is cork fabric used for

Bags, mats, upholstery, labels, box lining, bookbinding, and other uses are all possible with cork fabric.


Unique Cork Vegan Handbags

cork handbags combines eco conscious and unique look, it's your simbol, different from others.


Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat

Cork fabric is best alternative to leather and vinyl, can be widely used in sports fashion area.


Eco-Friendly Upholstery Fabric

Thanks to its thermal quality and insultaion of sound and heat,it can be widely used as wallpaper and flooring.

The Original Manufacturer Of Cork Products Supplying High Quality and Affordable Cork Leather Fabrics

One-stop cork manufacturing & processing supplier

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We supply major international brands selling on Amazon, wholesalers, retailers, fabric & leather stores and shops with quality and dependable cork leather fabrics.

No matter what style of cork fabric you want, we can manufacture it according to our rich experience. In particular, our equipment supports special craftsmanship, which makes the final product more choices than most cork fabric on the market.

🔷Best material for cork with FSC

🔷Quality control throught the whole procedures

🔷Reliable and stable supply

🔷Save your cost on manufacturing

🔷Launch new cork patterns every 3 months

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All-round cork leather fabric wholesale solution provider

cork fabric background

HZCORK wholesale program is developed to give you quality products at a fraction of the cost. Buying wholesale allows you to acquire cork leather fabric in bulk and at a friendly price point.

This is an ideal solution for established cork fabric supplier looking to optimize and scale their sales to service more customers.

Quality Material

We provide certification regarding raw materials and select quality cork to proceed your cork leather fabric orders.

Traditional Craftsmanship

HZCORK has been making cork for over 10 years, hand sorting materials according to strict Portuguese standards and inspecting goods to a high standard.

Perfect productivity

Due to the increased demand for cork leather fabrics, we added an additional cork leather production facility and a cork products line at the end of 2021.

Variety of styles

HZCork currently wholesales more than 500 different patterns of high quality cork fabrics. We’d like to develop new patterns of cork fabric every 3 months.

Flexible MOQ

We accept small quantity such as one or two yards as test order, and aim to make it easy and affordable to for your trial order.

Cork in Stock

Most of our popular cork leather fabrics are in stock and ready for expedient packaging and shipping.

The whole process of wholesale cork fabric


Confirm The Item Number of Cork Fabric

We have more than 500 kinds of cork patterns, tell me the item number you picked.


Check Out the cork fabric inventory.

If we have stock, then there is no MOQ. You can buy one meter( or yard) to tesh, we will cut them to be half-meter or yard for shipping. If there is no stock, we can do at MOQ 300 yards, production time is 15 working days.


Regular Cork Fabric Production Process

Beginning with Portuguese cork manual peeling undergoes high-temperature cooking and drying, Shipping to China,  raw material sorting, cutting and molding, Peeling and Adhering,  polishing and final inspection, The actual production time depends on your order pattern and quantity.


Fast shipping

For small quantity order, we usually ship by air and delivery by UPS, DHL, TNT or FedEx. For order more than 300 yards, we usually ship by sea, we sell per roll with size 150*25*25CM, 25KGS/roll.


Complete the transaction

Generally Speaking, we will give you TT account number to transfer the payment, or you can use Western Union which has a lower fee for small amount.

Why More Than 1500+ Clients Over The World Love Work With Us?

HZCORK has passed BSCI audit, the natural cork fabric products has passed REACH SVHC and other certifications, we use imported FSC certified Portuguese cork, we have 10 years of cork fabric manufacturing experience. Our products are environmentally friendly and we use the most advanced technology to produce them.

1️⃣Inventory Surplus

Our factory has a complete production chain and Perfect Support, has enough inventory of more than 500 patterns for your huge choice. The delivery time is 30% faster than other factories.

2️⃣Saving Your Cost

You will save 30-50% of the cost because of our excellent production capacity and cost control. However, we only insist on making high-quality products.

3️⃣Reduce Your Risk

You will reduce risk and 60% works because our one-stop services will shorten your supply chain, our premium quality will make you worry-free.

4️⃣Customized on Demand

Whatever the size or patterns, both can be custom. You provide the design and we will give you a solution within 5 business days.

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FSC materials
Cut cork blocks
Great support
Design on demand
Factory direct
Variety of styles
High quality
Online audit
Quick response
Competitive price
Perfect after-sales
1000+ happy clients

Cork leather and animal leather contrast

That’s why we like cork leather

Cork Leather
Animal Leather
✅ YES - Cork leather is tear resistant.
Depending on the finishing, scratches might be easily visible.
✅ YES - You just need to harvest trees. The bark of oaks rebuilds itself.
NO - An animal needs to be killed.
Vintage look
✅ YES - More than 50% of its volume is air.
NO - It can be heavy and bulky.
Easy to maintain
✅ YES - You don't need to do anything in particular.
NO - You need special products.
Easy to clean
✅ YES - Cork leather is stain-resistant and it can be cleaned with soap and water.
NO - Some stains will stay forever.
✅ YES - Most of the cork comes from suppliers in Portugal.
DEPENDS - While some luxury brands use European leather, most brands use cheap leather.

Cork is the future of sustainable development

 The number of people adopting vegan culture has increased significantly due to the increasing awareness about animal cruelty along with the rising ethical and environmental concerns among the consumers. The global vegan leather market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 48.1% over the forecast period of 2020-2026. North America holds the maximum share in the global vegan leather market, Europe is the second-largest market for vegan leather owing to the increasing demand for animal-free and eco-friendly alternative products.China is the largest vegan leather market in the Asia Pacific.

cork market
Sources: Infinium Global Research
Sources: Maximize Market Research

FAQs About Cork Fabric

We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

What is cork and why is it sustainable material?

The cork is obtained from the barks of the cork oak tree. The trees live at around Mediterranean region, especially rural areas of Southern Portugal — where the trees can live up to 200 years. Because the tree donesn’t have to be cut down during harvest season, the barks will regenerate back in about 8-9 years.

How does the cork fabric made? What glue did you use?

Very thin cork fabric sheets are peeled by machine from the bark of cork oak tree and adhered to a textile backing/support. We use water-based glue ( made from latex),no smell, and eco-friendly to our health.

What kind of Cork fabric backing did you use?

Our manufacturing process allows us to work with different backings.
• TC backing(thickness is 0.25mm,0.55 and 0.8mm) or recycled TC fabric.
• PU leather backing( 0.65mm).
• microfiber backing(0.65mm, 1.0mm).
•cotton or linen backing( 0.3mm).
• canvas backing(0.9mm).
• soy fiber+ tencel or corn fiber backing.
• craft paper backing(0.2mm).

What Cork fabric can be used to do?

You can use it to make handmade bags, wallets & purse, DIY craft projects, shoes sole & upper, Yoga mats & blocks, or upholstery wallpaper. Cork fabric is ecofriendly material, which is an amazing alternative to leather or vinyl. 

Can I custom my own pattern on cork fabric? what's the MOQ?

Yes, we accept OEM your own pattern. If it's silk printing design, MOQ is 300 yards; If it's Digital printing, MOQ is 100 yards. If it's just mixed pattern in natural color, we can do small size fabric at 21*32CM, 150pcs sheets.

What's your size of cork fabric? Can I have my own size?

We have two size, most of them is 1.35m at width,pack by rolls. The other one is 64*95CM sheet.
Yes, we can cut according to your requested size, such as 8"X12".

What's the thickness for cork fabric? What's your MOQ to order?

Generally speaking,the highest qualilty cork fabric was around 0.15 to 0.2MM. The thinner,the better. Because thinner means softer with good polishment. It’s not easy to crack or break when bend.
We usually have inventory for regular items. So we accept small quantity such as one or two yards as test order.

Any benefits for cork fabric wholesale from China instead of Portugal?

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. We can do complicated item with fast delivery. There may be more wholesalers in Portugal, but HZ cork can guarantee that our prices can be more competitive and our service far exceeds your expectations.

Do you focus on cork fabric manufacturing or cork bags?

Yes,we focus on both cork fabric and cork bags manufacturing. Since we have fabric inventory,we can accept to do small quantity cork bags with fast delivery.

What are the payment options? Can I get refund if sales no good?

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or Alibaba Trade Assurance pay if you can accept a slightly higher fee, but please note that for new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment as deposit, balance paid after goods finished and inspected.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

Depends on whether you want to do customization on pattern & size, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular stock item in less than 2 business days, and we have customers in US and Europe who received the goods in less than 2 weeks.

How do you pack and ship the goods?

We pack the cork fabric by rolles, 50 yards per roll, gross weight 25-35kgs, 150*25*25cm. Can ship by air or by sea.

Sourcing Natural & Sustainable Cork Leather Fabric From HZCork

brice icon For Brand Owners

Allow us to work with you and take your cork products design from concept to reality. We work with you by understanding your goals and turning them into the perfect solutions for your cork products.

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Our modern production facilities allow us to offer quality cork products to appeal to your target clients and market. You can benefit from our streamlined manufacturing practices and receive competitively priced, premium-quality products as a manufacturer or supplier.

brice icon For Wholesalers

We’re proud to operate one of the most well-equipped cork leather fabric manufacturing facilities. Our speedy mass production process allows us to offer high-quality products at affordable pricing, which translates to retail savings for your customers.

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Wholesale cork fabrics can be simple and affordable.

✅We offer professional feedback within 12 hours

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As one of the leading cork fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale high quality cork fabric at competitive price from our factory.

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To save you time, we have also prepared PDF versions of all product catalogs, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Download all products as a PDF 

Contact HZ CORK to Start Your Business

To save you time, we have also prepared PDF versions of all product catalogs, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Factory Price

The cORK

Cork is mainly made from the bark of the cork oak (Quercus Suber) which is grown in sunny and warm countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Globally speaking, Portugal is the biggest producer of cork.

The cork is harvested by removing the bark of the tree. The extraction method is 100% safe for the tree, which is not cut, and its surface doesn’t suffer any type of damage. Harvest is made in cycles every 9 to 10 years. The cork tree must be approximately 25 years old before the first extraction (virgin cork) and then nine years shall be necessary for following harvests. Fortunately, the cork tree lives for 180/200 years which allows 15/20 extractions.

cork fabric has exceptional characteristics, which make it perfect to do bags,wallets,upholestery wallpaper and flooring.

Soft, warm surface
Sound and heat insulation
Very good indoor environment conditions thanks to antibacterial and dust-repellent surface qualities and excellent moisture control – particularly suited for people with allergies
Robust, even when it comes to minor damages as they will hardly be visible within the natural structure of the material
Easy to clean (dry)

Cork forest

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Original Manufacturer Of Cork Fabric & Cork Bags

Sourcing Natural & Sustainable Cork Leather Fabric From HZCork

HZCORK wholesale program is developed to give you quality products at a fraction of the cost. Buying wholesale allows you to acquire cork leather fabric in bulk and at a friendly price point.