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As a factory direct wholesale cork fabric manufacturer & cork bag supplier for over 10 years. We aim to develop environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe cork fabrics and aim to provide the best quality vegan bags.


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We supply major international brands selling on Amazon, wholesalers, retailers, fabric & leather stores and shops with quality and dependable cork leather fabrics.

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We accept small quantity such as one or two yards as test order, and aim to make it easy and affordable to for your trial order.

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Whether you want to have your logo engraved on the cork product or want to design it differently, we can help you.

Cork Vegan Leather – The Best Alternative to Animal Leather


Natural cork & coffee aroma


Coffee Cork Fabric

Coffee cork fabric is a material made from a combination of recycled coffee grounds and natural cork. This innovative material has a texture and durability similar to traditional cork, and because the coffee grounds used in coffee cork have a special fragrance of their own, the resulting coffee cork is not only fully functional and comparable to existing cork, but also more distinctive and environmentally friendly.

New Arrival

Double-sided cork leather

Better texture, and thickness, wonderful material for your cork designs.

Ultimate Guide to Cork fabric - What It Is & How To Use It

Discover the wonders of cork fabric! Learn what it is and how to use it in this comprehensive guide – perfect for every material enthusiast.

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Meet the Cork

The cork fabric is taken from the bark of the Portuguese cork oak tree, a renewable resource because the trees are not cut down to collect the cork, only the bark is peeled off to obtain the cork, as well as a new layer of cork peeled off the outside bark, the cork bark will begin to regenerate. Therefore, the cork collection will not cause any harm or damage to the cork oak.

Cork is one of the most sustainable products. Cork is very durable, impervious to water, vegan, environmentally friendly, 100% natural, lightweight, recyclable, renewable water resistant, abrasion resistant, biodegradable, and does not absorb dust, thus preventing allergies. No animal products are used or tested on animals.

The raw cork material can be harvested repeatedly in cycles of 8 to 9 years, with more than a dozen bark harvests from a single mature tree. During the conversion of one kilogram of cork, 50 kg of CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere.
Cork forests absorb 14 million tons of CO2 per year, while being one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, home to 135 species of plants and 42 species of birds.
By using products made from cork, we are contributing to the fight against climate change.

Cork fabrics are made from 100% vegan, eco-friendly and natural cork. Most products are handmade, and these thin cork sheets are laminated to the fabric support backing using a specialized proprietary technique. Cork fabrics are soft to the touch, high quality and pliable. It is the perfect alternative to animal leather.

Cork is a very strong and flexible material. It can withstand a lot of pressure by stretching and then returning to its original shape. The cork fabric will not break or crumble. Just like animal leather, it will change and wear with age but will change with style.

Cork is a completely waterproof material and you can get it wet without fear.You can gently wipe the stain with water or soapy water until it disappears. Allow it to dry naturally in a horizontal position to retain its shape. Regular cleaning of the cork bag is the best way to improve its durability.

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Cork is an innovative sustainable solution that combines sustainable value with practical functionality. Composed of a hydrophobic substance, cork, it is used in a wide range of products in different commercial sectors due to its water repellency, buoyancy, elasticity and flame retardant properties.

Popular & Sustainable Cork Bags & Wallets

With the rise of online sales channels such as Amazon and Etsy, our customers are getting younger and younger. In addition to those traditional cork bag brands, we are also starting to focus on supporting emerging brands, with a focus on new designs, styles and logistical methods.




We take your unique ideas and transform them into marketable and reliable yoga mats or yoga blocks that are sure to drive your brand further. Step up your game and your brand’s recognition by creating a bespoke design that makes you stand out.


Five-Star Feedback Cork Coasters

Whether it’s a 6-piece set or a 12-piece set, blank coasters or printed coasters, HZCORK supplies you with high quality, high density cork coasters at affordable prices. We can provide the best wholesale customization solutions for large corporations, as well as flexible assistance for new start-ups.


Wholesale High Density Cork Rolls & Cork Sheets

100% natural cork rolls, made from renewable resources and environmentally friendly.
Cork rolls are made from cylinders up to 1.22m wide and can be custom cut to length.
Depending on the application, fine to very coarse cork grain is specified; light, medium, and heavy densities, with cut thicknesses ranging from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm thick.
Available in 10, 20, 30, and 50m rolls.


The leading cork supplier behind the brands

HZCORK is a manufacturer of advanced cork products, supporting both large and small brands. Thanks to our professional skills and attention to quality, we ensure that we provide first-class cork products that will increase profits and enhance your brand.


Traceable raw materials

We use imported FSC certified cork from Amorim, Portugal (the world's largest cork supplier), which is 100% vegan, eco-friendly and natural.


Traditional craftsmanship

We hand sort our materials according to strict Portuguese standards, selecting the best quality cork by size and quality, which no machine can do.



We have a wide range of production facilities. 4 cork fabric lines and a cork moulding workshop. We can undertake any cork project.

Self-owned Factory-1

Preferential factory price

Lower raw material costs due to bulk order demand, and a stable supply guaranteed by professional manufacturing processes, make our low prices possible.


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As one of the leading cork product manufacturers. All our cork raw material was imported from Portugal with FSC certificate. We sort materials by hand in strict accordance with Portuguese standards. So quality was promised. we have high qualified workers, high production efficiency, and perfect supporting facilities. So we can do complicated cork fabric and bags with fast delivery and competitive price.

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The leading brands we work with for environmentalism

Darci Jordan​​
Darci Jordan​​
United States​​
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I have been using cork for some time now and HZCORK has by far the best prices and excellent service. When the goods arrived to me, the high quality exceeded my expectations and I was very happy with the result. And their price was so good that some of their competitors insisted that I couldn't possibly buy cork fabric at just that price.
Lynnette Rogers​​
Lynnette Rogers​​
United Kingdom​​
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I have been in the cork market for some time, but every quote I received seemed to be an unobtainable quantity. I researched many different companies and HZCORK provided me with some of the best customer service and options. I had a lot of questions and they were able to answer all of them and correct some of the misinformation I received from other companies. I would be happy to continue working with this company.
Katarina Kocar​​
Katarina Kocar​​
Read More
It was my first time trying cork fabric and I'm glad I ordered from this seller. The quality is beyond great. It's easy to work with and it doesn't peel, not even a bit. Later I bought cork fabric from another seller and it was disastrous, it peeled off on folds instantly... Now I know, what good quality cork looks like and I will definitely be ordering from this seller again.​​

The Circular Carbon Economy

As a leader in the cork industry, sustainability, technology and innovation are intrinsic pillars of our culture and strategy. We focus on developing products and solutions that offer unparalleled advantages, including reducing the carbon footprint of the final product, saving energy or water, cleaning the environment, improving indoor air quality and promoting well-being and comfort.


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Each cork can absorb an average of 112 grams of CO2.


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For every ton of cork produced, a cork oak forest can sequester up to 73 tons of CO2.


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Cork oak forests can absorb 14 million tons of CO2 per year.

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HZCORK wholesale more than 500 patterns of cork fabric.

We help you to deliver the quality and value your cork fabric and cork products, on-time and on-budget.

✅ 100% natural FSC certified cork raw material
✅ Over 500 cork fabric patterns
✅ Ultimate quality comparable to leather
✅ Vegan eco-friendly backing

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