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Cork fabric, also known as cork leather, is a pure plant-based fabric made from the bark of oak trees, soaring in popularity as a forward-thinking fashion material. Cork is not only waterproof, renewable and fully recyclable, but also durable, lightweight and easy to keep looking like new. 

More and more users are now choosing to design with cork fabric because it is a natural and sustainable material, and the colors and patterns of cork fabric can be customized to make the design colorful. But because cork fabric is a relatively niche environmental fabric, so, when buying and selling are not sure how to start? What are the relevant issues that need to be noted? How can I buy good quality and suitable for their own products? So, let HZCORK and everyone take a look at the cork fabric in the purchase of considerations!


1. Choose the original cork manufacturer

No doubt, in the original cork factory, you can definitely buy quality cork fabric. But due to many irresistible factors, many times, we can only shop for products online. Many online stores sell cork fabrics, and since many of them are small trade stores without a lot of inventory, we don’t have much choice, and the cork fabrics we buyback may not meet your expectations, which leads to a bad shopping experience. HZCORK is the original cork fabric manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing cork products, using FSC certified traceable cork raw materials, with a complete production process and quality certification system, where you can not only buy high-quality cork fabrics at factory price but also experience a simple and pleasant wholesale experience.

FSC materials

2.Characteristics of cork fabric.

  • Innovative texture: Cork fabric has a unique texture that gives a unique tactile and visual sensation. Some people compare it to leather, but there is nothing in the world that can compare to it. Cork fabrics are available in a variety of designs to appeal to all ages and tastes.
  • Natural: Straight from the bark of the cork oak tree, it has physical and chemical properties that have never been replicated by man-made techniques.
  • Ecological: the bark of the cork oak tree can be regenerated. This allows the removal of the tree’s bark (cork) without causing any damage to the tree.
  • Multiple backing supports: Many different types of backing are available, from various textiles to paper, cardboard, nylon and PVC.
  • Stable: Its chemical and physical structure allows it to withstand extreme wear and tear. It maintains excellent degradation ratings when exposed to acids and is virtually unaffected by microorganisms.
  • Hypoallergenic: It resists the reproduction of microorganisms such as mites due to the extremely low absorption of surface dust.
  • Waterproof: Products based on cork fabrics (such as umbrellas, raincoats, clothing, and fashion accessories) are possible due to the natural properties of cork, supplemented by several special treatments during the manufacturing process.
  • Dust and stain resistance: the finished product is completely dust, stain, and oil resistant and is stain resistant due to the careful coating of the natural surface.

Cork fabrics are available in a wide range of natural textures, patterns and designs and are made with a variety of backing materials depending on the intended use.


3. Types of cork fabric

According to the different production scheme and texture performance of cork, cork fabrics are generally the following three kinds.

  • Bread vein cork fabric, the fabric is smooth and flat, with texture, looks like bread texture, is the best one in cork fabric.
  • Bamboo vein cork fabric, it is different processing technology, the texture comes out after cross-cutting the cork after splicing, just like bamboo texture, with a sense of layering.
  • Grainy cork fabric, made of cork particles pressed, sliced and other processes, the texture is like a myriad of small flowers spliced together.
Bread Vein Cork Fabric
Bamboo Vein Cork Fabric
Grainy Cork Fabric

4. Grading of cork fabric

Cork is a natural product, each piece of cork may have different growth conditions, so the natural quality of cork has different differences. To facilitate the distinction, like bamboo cork fabric, we divide it into 4 different grades of ABCD.

Corn Fiber
  • A grade cork fabric, cork surface smooth, since the natural texture of cork, white color, no black spots, only a small number of wormholes, through the artificial selection out of the relatively small.
  • B grade cork fabric, relative to the A grade fabric has defects, cork surface has a small part of the wormholes and black spots, the overall texture has a small interruption, but does not affect the beauty, and more natural growth traces.
  • C grade cork fabric, cork surface wormholes are relatively obvious, but cost-effective, more used in the outer packaging.
  • D grade cork fabric, cork surface wormholes and black spots are obvious, but by laminating different color backing, natural wormholes and modern colors set each other off, popular with crafters.
D grade cork fabric

5. The process of cork fabric

The traditional natural texture of cork can no longer satisfy designers, they need the spark of modern technology and natural products collision, such as printing, laser, splicing, weaving, embossing and other processes.

Laser cork fabric
Printed cork fabric
Patchwork cork fabrics
Patchwork cork fabric
Embossed cork fabric
Woven cork fabrics
Woven cork fabrics
  • Printing process: sub-film transfer printing, grid plate screen printing, digital printing, UV printing, whether logo or graphics, we can achieve
  • Laser: You can laser the various shapes you want
  • Piecing: by combining different textures to form a new fashion
  • Weaving: We have manual weaving and machine weaving.
  • Embossing: We can do scraping and tearing treatment or topping treatment to make the graphics more three-dimensional.

By this point, you should have some understanding of cork fabrics, so you can feel free to choose what type of cork fabric to use for your design. Pick your future fabric here!

Natural Cork Leather

Colored Cokr Fabric

Cokr Fabric With EVA

Black Cork Fabric With Rainbow


Cork Products Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

cork leather-colored


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