Through cork, Incorporating nature from the inside out


100% renewable and recyclable, cork is also anti-microbial,

moisture-activated, and durable. Meet nature’s anti-slip solution.


Cork fabric is a sustainable and renewable material, comes from the bark of cork oak tree. It’s soft feel touch, durable and lightweight. 

The thickness can be 2mm to 8MM, depending on your needs.

  • Product Description
    Natural Cork Yoga mats made from sustainable cork fabric + natural rubber.
    Cork Yoga Mats are Eco-Friendly and have special features.

    EASY MAINTENANCE: Sweat and wrinkle-resistant, the yoga mat is easy to clean with a warm, damp cloth and a little soap, then dry in the shade. Having a clean and healthy surface does not create odors.

    UNIQUE FEATURES: Anti-slip and fast rebound, giving you a soft experience and comfort.

    DURABLE & NON-TOXIC: It is not easy to crack and perfect for long time workout use. Made of organic and natural rubber, it is safer to use and does not contain toxic chemicals.

    LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: optional with shoulder strap and cork storage bag, perfect for home gym and outdoor exercise. You can do hot yoga at home or conveniently take this mat with you to work out anywhere, anytime.

Natural Cork+Rubber
24*72 inches
4.5 MM


Cork Yoga Blocks are often used as muscle stretching and rehabilitation equipment, which can correct muscles and bones, massage muscles to help relax and increase body coordination. You can use it whether you want to relieve soreness or simply want to exercise.

  • Key Feature:

    SAFE & COMFORTABLE: Made of sustainable cork with an easy-to-grip textured surface that allows you to feel secure in the support it provides. Perfect for beginners to advanced yogis.

    SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Improve your practice by using the blocks to maintain proper alignment, deepen your stretch, and help stay safe by reducing injuries and muscle strains.

    LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: Cork blocks offer sturdiness and support that foam blocks do not. With rounded edges for maximum comfort, support and grip.

    SUSTAINABLE CORK: Cork is a renewable, sustainable material. Manufactured responsibly, with no toxic chemicals produced during harvesting or manufacturing.

Stretching – Back Pain – Back Bends – Massage,Etc.
22.5*12*7.5CM, 22.5*15*7.5CM, 22.5*15*10CM

Cork Yoga Roller

Get the perfect stretch and relieve all your muscle soreness with the all-natural cork massage rollers. Immediate benefits include quick muscle recovery after a workout, greater muscle tone, increased stability and flexibility, chronic pain healing, and overall calmness and relaxation for better sleep.

  • Key Feature:

    DURABLE + STABLE: Made of natural cork, strong and durable; great for balancing, strengthening, positioning, yoga, muscle and tension relief, etc.

    COMFORTABLE: ergonomically shaped, non-slip surface, anti-allergy, sweat-proof, soft-touch cork rollers Promotes blood circulation and health. Unique shape provides an alternative way to work out.

    EASY TO CLEAN: simply wipe clean with a damp cloth moistened with water (do not use any chemicals). Air dry.

    SUSTAINABLE: Made from natural cork harvested from oak tree trunks, it will not damage the tree, allowing the outer bark to regrow and re-harvest. Non-toxic cork made in Portugal.

Stretching – Back Pain – Back Bends – Massage,Etc.
45*14cm, 45*9.5cm, 29.5*9.5cm.
2680g, 1080g,820g

Cork Yoga Massage Ball

Our massage balls are made from 100% natural cork to relieve pain, relieve tension, untie knots and improve mobility. They specialize in targeting specific areas of the body. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or are super active, massage balls have many benefits.

  • Key Feature:

    Like physical massage, the cork ball relaxes the myofascia, relieves tension and pain, and increases mobility and blood circulation. When we can’t get a professional body relaxation, we can use cork fascia balls to achieve it.

    Size: Available in a variety of sizes from 30mm-100mm in diameter.
    Made of 100% cork. Durable and environmentally friendly. Non-toxic and plastic-free. Durable and long-lasting for your massage support. Various sizes of massage balls to fit your body parts.

    The massage ball can effectively massage deep tissues and better solve some problems that cannot be solved by relaxing shallow tissues. It imitates the human palm or elbow, small and flexible.

    Massage Anywhere – The massage ball is convenient for you to store and carry anywhere. Use it at home, office, gym, outdoors, hiking, camping and backpacking. It can be used anytime on chairs, beds, cushions and floors.

Stretching – Back Pain – Back Bends – Massage,Etc.

Cork Peanut Roller

Made of 100% natural cork, the “Peanut” yoga balls release tension in parallel muscles. Thanks to its special shape, you will be able to use it on all parts of the body. Lie on the floor or lean against the wall and simply slide the ball across your spine.

  • Key Feature:

    Made of 100% natural cork. The cork peanut massage ball is smooth and strong, making it easy to carry and use everywhere.

    Considerate care for multiple parts of the body, deeply relax muscle tension. Massage to relax the neck, back, waist, legs, etc., activate the training part before exercise, and relax the tense muscles after exercise.

    The cork massage peanut ball is used for self-fascia relaxation, ergonomic design, not easy to roll and more stable, massage the spine and other sensitive or usually difficult to reach parts.

    Activate the training area before exercise and relax the tense muscles after exercise.

    A good tool choice for yoga lovers, suitable for yoga therapy to reduce muscle knots.

Stretching – Back Pain – Back Bends – Massage,Etc.

Cork Wooden Yoga Wheel

The Cork Yoga Wheel is designed to help relieve your back pain. Use the back wheel as a stretcher to relieve pain and muscle tension in the upper back, lower back and neck spine.

  • Key Feature:

    COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The cork yoga wheel is designed to provide comfort and support when used in a variety of ways. Perfect for fine-tuning different movements and poses to your body’s specific needs.

    QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our yoga wheel is made of highly durable ABS plastic and natural cork, making it strong and durable while being safe for your skin and anti-allergenic. With extra thick padding for comfort and excellent grip.

    MOISTURE RESISTANT: Cork surface provides excellent sweat/moisture resistance so you can get into deep training without worrying about sweat or odor.

    LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Our yoga wheel is lightweight and portable. You can easily transport it anywhere, anytime for great stretching exercises.

We Customize Your Own Brand Cork Yoga With Exceptional Service

We take your unique ideas and transform them into marketable and reliable yoga mats or yoga blocks that are sure to drive your brand further. Receive exclusive sales rights within your area. Step up your game and your brand’s recognition by creating a bespoke design that makes you stand out.


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Because all clients are important to us, we keep our MOQ low at 200 pieces to accommodate small and large orders.

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We maintain rigid manufacturing standards and meticulously check quality. We strive to offer you the best cork yoga mats in the market.

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The aftersales team at HZCork is always available to walk you through our aftersales procedures, which include warehousing, shipping, and on-time delivery.

Why Choose HZCORK?

HZCORK has passed BSCI audit, the natural cork fabric products has passed REACH SVHC and other certifications, we use imported FSC certified Portuguese cork, we have 10 years of cork fabric manufacturing experience. Our products are environmentally friendly and we use the most advanced technology to produce them.

FSC materials
FSC Materials
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Factory Directly
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The Ultimate Cork Yoga Product Guide 101

Vegan leather cork products made from imported Portuguese cork
100% animal free, FSC certified cork, BSCI audited manufacturer

1. What is the cork yoga mat made of?

In general, a cork yoga mat consists of two layers: a natural cork layer on top and a 100% recycled natural rubber layer on the back, or a cork yoga mat with a natural cork layer on top and a TPE layer on the back.


2. Where does the cork come from and is the cork material environmentally friendly?

Cork fabric is taken from the bark of the Portuguese cork oak tree, which is considered a renewable resource because the trees are not cut down to collect the cork, but simply peeled off to obtain the cork, as well as a new layer of cork peeled off the outside bark, the cork bark will start to regenerate. Therefore, the cork collection will not cause any harm or damage to the cork oak. On the contrary, the stripping process promotes the regeneration of the new bark, since under natural conditions it takes 20-25 years for a cork tree to strip off the first layer of bark.
In this sense, the cork material is 100% natural, ecological and sustainable.


3. What are the benefits of a cork yoga mat?

Cork yoga mats are perfect for all styles of yoga training, gym, Pilates or fitness workouts. For the reason that:

4. How to choose the thickness of the cork yoga mat?

Yoga mats have different thicknesses, the thickness you need depends on how much cushioning you need. The normal thickness of a cork yoga mat is 2mm-8cm to choose from.

Thinner mats can help add stability to yoga styles that have more active poses or balanced, focused poses. Look for mats with a textured surface to maintain better grip as the poses become more strenuous.

Thicker mats provide extra cushioning and are best suited for more therapeutic practices. For example, if you enjoy restorative yoga (a type of yoga with fewer poses but longer holds), you may prefer a softer, more cushioned mat. Thicker mats are also more comfortable for yogis in forearm and kneeling poses and for those with soft knees or joint pain. However, they may be more difficult to balance during standing poses.

cork yoga mat Thickness

5. Can I customize my cork mat?

Custom sizes/designs/brand logos/positioning lines etc. are available and we can meet all your requirements. There are two ways to print on a cork yoga mat as follows.

a. Laser engraving on cork yoga mat


b.Cork yoga mat screen printing


6. Is the cork yoga mat comfortable?

The surface is comfortable and smooth to the touch, and its sturdy structure provides plenty of comfort for your knees and joints during yoga practice. There is no harsh plastic smell, only a light natural wood fragrance.


7. Is the cork mat durable?

Cork mats are very durable. While other mats last for 8-12 months, cork mats last on average 1-2 years. You don’t have to worry about the cork mat wearing out quickly.

8. What kind of packaging does a cork yoga mat come in?

Cork mats are very durable. While other mats can last 8-12 months normally, the average cork mat lasts 1-2 years. You don’t have to worry about your cork yoga mat wearing out quickly.

a. Customized yoga mat paper rolls


b.Cork yoga bag


9. What other cork products are available besides cork yoga mat?

Besides the cork yoga mat, we can also provide the following products.
🔸Cork column
🔸Cork massage rollers
🔸Cork massage balls
🔸Cork peanut ball
🔸Cork block
They can be sold as a complete cork product yoga set. Logos and sizes can be customized on each item.

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