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Cork is always an innovative solution for promotion, because its application is beyond your imagination. Cork combines both sustainable value and practical function. Thanks to our extensive network of cork processors, we can offer not only a wide range of cork products, but also customer-oriented services and individual cork solutions.. Thanks to our professional team on continuous innovation and quality control, you will always get the best quality.


Hot products according to our clients feedback

HZCORK deals not only in manufacturing cork fabric, but also custom other cork products in bulk. Here are some of our products that customers love:

cork mats
Cokr Mats
Cork Stopper
Cork Stopper
Cork Cup Holder
Cork Cup Holder
Cork Floor Mats
Cork Floor Mats
Cork Placemat and Coaster
Cork Balls
Cork Balls
Cork Notebook
Cork Notebook
Cork Pet Collars
Cork Pet Collars
Cork Desktop
Cork Box
Cork Board
Cork Hangtags

Our Awesome Clients

The whole process of custom cork products

This is what we do when it comes to making custom cork products:


Identifying Your cork product Idea

Whether we are working on artwork or using a sample of another product, or simply discussing your ideas, we will work patiently with you to understand your specific requirements.

Our designer team will further investigate your requirements and will not only generate ideas that fit your original brief but also consider manufacturing cost and improvements to reduce cost.


Custom Cork Product Artwork

After approve the design, artwork is generated to define the specification. At this stage, we need to validate the technical specifications before production.

Our cross-functional team of industrial designers and engineers is ready to assist.

•Artwork form design     •Design of patterns
•Usage factors                •Rapid prototyping


Guaranteed quality of custom cork products

Cork raw materials are the key to realizing your ideas in cork products. all HZCORK cork raw materials are imported from Portugal and are FSC certified. So the quality is guaranteed to match the product you need.
HZCORK is able to provide any other service needed for the design and molding process and is a one-stop store for all your product needs.


Processing Cork Product Sample

After creating all but the initial samples, we will test your desired product characteristics to ensure we are satisfied with the products and meet your requirements.

You will have the opportunity to test samples on the product line, label them and check their suitability before they are officially approved for mass production.


Customized patterns and product packaging

Based on the pattern design drawing you provide, we will customize the pattern onto your cork product by printing or laser.
You can also customize the packaging method, we implement it strictly according to your needs, if there is no packaging requirement we follow HZCORK’s normal packaging.



FSC certification ensures that products come from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to people.



The social responsibilities of BSCI factory inspection include compliance with the law, respect for freedom and the right to collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, forced labor and child labor, focus on safety in public places and environmental issues.



Good quality management is conducive to improving efficiency, reducing costs, providing quality products and services, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why More Than 1500+ Clients Over The World Love Work With Us?

HZCORK has passed BSCI audit, the natural cork fabric products has passed REACH SVHC and other certifications, we use imported FSC certified Portuguese cork, we have 10 years of cork fabric manufacturing experience. Our products are environmentally friendly and we use the most advanced technology to produce them.

1️⃣Inventory Surplus

Our factory has a complete production chain and Perfect Support, has enough inventory of more than 500 patterns for your huge choice. The delivery time is 40% faster than other factories.

2️⃣Saving Your Cost

You will save 60-80% of the cost because of our excellent production capacity and cost control. However, we only insist on making high-quality products.

3️⃣Reduce Your Risk

You will reduce risk and 70% works because our one-stop services will shorten your supply chain, our premium quality will make you worry-free.

4️⃣Customized on Demand

Whatever the size or patterns, both can be custom. You provide the design and we will give you a solution within 5 business days.

Italy Exhibition


To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our wax supplies:

Do you offer free shipping of wholesale cork products?

Unfortunately, no. You will have to pay a small fee for shipping wholesale cork products.

What am I supposed to do if my wholesale order delays?

If your order is late for more than a week, email HZCORK customer care on the website to be assisted further.

Kindly note that sometimes the orders can delay because of unavoidable circumstances. Just be patient and we will let you know if there is a valid reason for the delay.

Can you replace products that are damaged during shipping?

It happens on rare occasions because we ensure that all our products are well-packaged before being shipped.

But in case it does, please contact customer care on the website. They will guide you and advise you accordingly.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods that I've ordered?

Usually within 3 weeks if no customization on the products, but It may take up to 60 working days if the shipping company stock in trouble.

Is there a quality grade for HZCORK's wholesale cork products?

Yes, cork fabric is different, because it is a natural cork product, each piece of cork is unique, some cork natural traces and worm holes are more obvious, the relative appearance of cork products will be different, mainly according to your choice of requirements

Why HZCORK products?

HZCORK’s cork products are of high quality and artistic. They promote the well-being of the environment. We use them as a way to recycle waste from the environment. instead of throwing away these cork veneers, HZCORK puts them to better use by making artwork.


Professional Custom Cork Products Manufacturers

At HZCORK, we have 10 years of experience in the business. Our state-of-the-art factory run by knowledgeable staff has 8 production lines and the latest precision technology. It is due to such efficiencies that we are able to offer you highly competitive prices, quality cork products, and prompt delivery.

We are committed to providing you with the best custom cork products for your needs and a seamless service experience. The HZCORK team is always available to attend to your inquiries.


Cork Products Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

Phone: +86138-2929-9276
WhatsApp: +86138-2929-9276
Phone: +86(769)8227-5711
No. 2, Lane 13, Tingshan Dongxin Road,
Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm Saturday: 9am – 12am

Download all products as a PDF 

Contact HZ CORK to Start Your Business

To save you time, we have also prepared PDF versions of all product catalogs, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Download all products as a PDF 

Contact HZ CORK to Start Your Business

To save you time, we have also prepared PDF versions of all product catalogs, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Factory Price

The cORK

Cork is mainly made from the bark of the cork oak (Quercus Suber) which is grown in sunny and warm countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Globally speaking, Portugal is the biggest producer of cork.

The cork is harvested by removing the bark of the tree. The extraction method is 100% safe for the tree, which is not cut, and its surface doesn’t suffer any type of damage. Harvest is made in cycles every 9 to 10 years. The cork tree must be approximately 25 years old before the first extraction (virgin cork) and then nine years shall be necessary for following harvests. Fortunately, the cork tree lives for 180/200 years which allows 15/20 extractions.

cork fabric has exceptional characteristics, which make it perfect to do bags,wallets,upholestery wallpaper and flooring.

Soft, warm surface
Sound and heat insulation
Very good indoor environment conditions thanks to antibacterial and dust-repellent surface qualities and excellent moisture control – particularly suited for people with allergies
Robust, even when it comes to minor damages as they will hardly be visible within the natural structure of the material
Easy to clean (dry)

Cork forest

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