9 different crafts of cork fabrics to realize your design

Without a doubt, one of the most versatile uses of cork is cork fabric. Thanks to this innovation, we can transform this incredible material into countless designs, especially in the fashion world, you can see cork fabric many products, cork bags, cork purses, cork pillows, cork yoga mats, cork earrings, cork watch bands, cork sofas and so on, but few people know the process and style of cork fabric, below I introduce 9 common processes of cork fabric.


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Cork fabric crafts types

Cork leather is the most precious and luxurious among all cork fabrics. It is cut from the whole cork, removing the surface impurities to extract the best part of it, to the greatest degree to retain the original natural grain of the cork.
Cork leather has a soft texture. It is often compared to fine animal leather. Its smoothness also makes it ideal for many products – it feels great on the skin. But don’t be fooled by its soft, smooth texture – it’s also very durable.


Bamboo grain cork fabric, which is cut from side sections by splicing cork blocks together, is cut with a bamboo-like texture.
It is also one of the most common textures of cork fabric.
Bamboo grain cork fabric is divided into grades, the higher the grade, the less natural holes and impurities on the surface.


Shredded cork fabric, most of which is reprocessed through the leftover trimmings from the production of high quality cork, maximizes utilization. The cork trimmings and cork blocks are made into different sizes of granules through a shredder, then ground to separate impurities, a vibrating plug is used to continue the separation, and finally manual sorting of black impurities is required.
Then the processed cork granules are put into the mold for pressing, steaming and other processes, and finally cut.


Cork was the first natural beige color, but fashion and times are developing, the world of cork is also developing, dyeing technology is applied to cork fabric. Before laminating the backing, natural fabric dyes are used to dye the cork in different colors, and finally, the color is guaranteed to last forever by solid color treatment.


Printed cork fabric is the favorite part of designers, just propose the idea and design, we can help you realize and make it. General printing technology we use: film transfer printing, grid version screen printing, digital printing, UV printing.
Also we use water-based environmental pigments to print your design clearly and firmly on the cork fabric.


Rainbow & Metallic Cork Cloth takes the cut cork paper and laminates the rainbow color/metal film on the bottom through the laminating machine, and the rainbow color will appear on the cork paper hollow. Common metallic cork fabric colors are gold and silver.


Embossed cork fabric is less used by designers, through the squeegee treatment or grouting treatment to create the shape, the pattern forms a sense of concave and convex, more three-dimensional. If you customize a new pattern, you need to make a new model.


Laser cork fabric can laser various shapes, easier than embossing treatment, submit the design pattern file, operate by laser machine, then you can present your pattern on the cork fabric.


Carbonized cork fabric is made by putting sorted cork particles into a mold for hot pressing. The carbonized cork is dark brown coffee color with a faint smell of roasted wood – I think it’s more like coffee flavor.


Where to buy cork fabrics?

If you want to wholesale cork fabrics, cork fabric manufacturers are the best choice because they have many stocks and more choices than marketers, you won’t buy fake cork fabrics, and the quality is better and the price is favorable, but the favorable price requires a certain minimum order quantity.


2. Cork fabric distributors

Usually, distributors are also middlemen, they will buy a certain amount of cork fabrics from manufacturers in bulk or small quantities, but not all styles will be available, they will sell to local stores or organizations.
Also distributors may buy from different manufacturers, and different manufacturer brands may have different quality.

3.Cork fabric retailer

Retailers are also our local common stores (including online), we can buy conveniently, can really feel the magic of cork fabric, and can buy small amount to create our own design, but the price will be more expensive than the above way, and the style is relatively less.


As you can see, the cork fabric is unique. It is obtained from 100% plant-based materials and no heavy metals or toxins are used in its manufacturing process. Being a natural product, it is almost impossible for two fabrics to be exactly the same. Their colors and designs will always be somewhat different, so any product made from cork is unique and unrepeatable because nature dictates the uniqueness of cork.
Obviously, natural cork materials can solve many vegan fashionista dilemmas.

Based on the many outstanding properties of cork, the cork can be made into cork fabrics, cork sports products, cork bags, etc., which are considered one of the best alternatives to leather.

Choose the right cork products to promote your low carbon sustainable project.

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