Sneak Peek: Unveiling the CLOT X NIKE DUNK LOW “CORK”

The fashion world is abuzz with excitement as the latest trend enters the scene: cork. In a remarkable display of sustainability, the upcoming CLOT X NIKE DUNK LOW “CORK” shoe showcases an entire upper crafted from this environmentally conscious material. From the overlays to the sole unit, the shoe exemplifies a commitment to nature and environmental protection, with only the laces and sole unit retaining their traditional form. With this groundbreaking collaboration, cork is poised to captivate a wider audience, merging fashion and ecological consciousness seamlessly.

Image via edisonchen

Drawing inspiration from the delicate balance between style and sustainability, the CLOT X NIKE DUNK LOW “CORK” collection represents a bold step towards a greener future. By placing cork at the forefront, this collaboration aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable materials in the fashion industry. The unique texture and natural aesthetic of the cork upper lend the shoe an unmistakable allure, making it a must-have for trendsetters and eco-conscious individuals alike.

CLOT Nike Dunk Low Cork 1
Image via edisonchen

Designed by CLOT co-founder Edison Chen, the collaboration takes eco-friendly fashion to new heights. Not only does the cork material shine throughout the shoe, from the overlays to the sole, but it also delivers a powerful message about the importance of nature and environmental protection. This unique partnership aims to capture attention and raise awareness for sustainability through the medium of trendy sneakers.

What sets these collaborative Dunks apart is the ingenious inclusion of interchangeable Swoosh logos. Chen ingeniously offers wearers the opportunity to personalize their sneakers by designing a Swoosh that resonates with their individual style. Detachable Swooshes in captivating shades like printed red, metallic silver, snakeskin, and teal wrap around the heel of the CLOT cork dunk, adding an extra layer of customization to an already remarkable shoe.

Image via whojungwoo

With this remarkable collaboration, the spotlight shines not only on fashionable sneakers but also on the significance of cork, nature, and environmental protection. Stay tuned to witness the latest blend of style and sustainability.

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