Why Cork Vegan Leather Project could be profitable in the next 10 years

Let’s say you are looking for new opportunities to make money over the next 10 years. In this case, you should consider the cork leather project.

Cork leather, you may not have heard of it, but it is a hot and innovative material in the environmental industry. Today, you can start the business on a relatively low budget because you have found us, the original cork product manufacturers.

There is a great opportunity to make money as an environmental & fashion business. If you have been looking for a new opportunity, then now is the perfect time to join the industry. This article will provide solid data and many success stories from the industry to prove that it can be done. Now is the perfect time to take action and launch Cork Leather.


1. Growing market

The United Nations says the world is committed to “zero emissions” by 2030. This means a major change for the second most polluting industry – fashion. The market share of traditional leather is gradually being divided by sustainable vegan leather.
According to the Infinitum Global report, global demand for vegan leather will continue to grow at an annual rate of 49.9%, reaching $89.6 billion by 2025. The main reason for its rapid growth will be the growing awareness of animal welfare and rights, which will drive consumers to look for more animal-free products, especially in the footwear, apparel and furniture industries. And cork leather is one of the best products.


In January 2022, the fashion industry introduced a Fashion Sustainability and Social Responsibility Act that, if passed, would make New York the first U.S. state to address fashion-related climate change.
Luxury fashion group Kering has pledged to abandon fur across all of its brands, and all Kering brands, including Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, will not use animal furs in their collections.

For those interested in starting their own cork leather project, all signs point to a very profitable industry that is likely to continue to grow.
It is a fantastic idea to start investing in this business now.

2.A business in a blue ocean

Cork leather is one of the most commercially viable and promising products available today. In today’s day and age, everyone can be a successful business owner because all you need is money and some creativity. Today, many entrepreneurs can make money just by selling cork products.
Today, I will show you 5 reasons why cork leather can be profitable in the next decade.


1️⃣. The user ethical consumption level growth
In a recent global poll, 88% said sustainability is now considered a “standard business practice,” while 82% agreed with the statement that companies must put social responsibility and ethics ahead of profits.
China is a huge market of interest to companies around the world, and a new survey conducted by the Materials Innovation Initiative (MII) in partnership with research firm North Mountain Consulting shows that Chinese consumers are switching from animal leather to animal-free leather.
90% of Chinese urban consumers say they prefer leather alternatives that are different from current alternatives, plastic-based PU leather or “leather” materials, which are still produced using fossil fuels and are not considered viable and sustainable alternatives to animal products. This suggests that the demand for material alternatives in the world’s fastest-growing major economy will provide significant opportunities for current innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of material innovation, and cork leather is plant-based leather that fits the bill perfectly and is a great direction to take your business.

2️⃣. Cork leather has huge growth potential
Vegan leather is currently one of the most commercially valuable and profitable industries, and with the traditional leather of the past, it is a new continent that has just been discovered and is full of business opportunities. Cork leather is a hot and innovative material in various industries.
NIKE features iconic shoes such as the Air Force 1, Blazer, Air Max 90, and Air Max 95, each pair of which is made of cork.
Benchmarking against rival Adidas, brands such as Vans and Puma are also launching cork sneakers.
For CHANEL‘s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the cork sandals shown by models at the “Beach” show in Paris attracted a lot of attention.
French startup brand Laflore, which designs a cork bag Bobobark that combines fashion and nature, ethics and aesthetics, has achieved great success through a crowdfunding project with more than 10,000 investments and total funding of more than $2.4 million.
This trend will continue to gain more prominence in the next decade, providing even more opportunities to launch our cork leather business.

3️⃣. Profitability is on the rise
Consumer trends have unfolded globally, especially in the zero cruelty, sustainable and vegan fashion space. Sustainable fashion businesses are experiencing a watershed moment, with independent boutique brands and fast fashion giants offering more alternative options for conscious shoppers.
Younger consumers are the most enthusiastic adopters of animal-free leather. Of the 62% who said they were willing to pay a premium for leather alternatives, about three-quarters said they were “very likely” to buy these products.
Since 2015, $1.29 billion has been invested in leather alternatives companies from 95 different sources, ranging from venture capitalists to banks, private equity firms, fashion brands and angel investors.
Of that amount, $504 million has been raised in 2020 alone. This is comparable to the total amount raised in the previous four years, indicating strong growth in investment interest in the sector.
Iconic footwear brand Dr. Marten’s launched vegan boots, and sales jumped 279%, far exceeding expectations.
High-quality cork leather against traditional leather, and now consumers are more willing to spend on sustainable products, so you
will see an increase in demand for the cork leather business, which will help increase the income of those already involved in the industry.

4️⃣. brand loyalty is very strong
Cork leather currently has too many areas to be developed, for example, in the cork bag field, most cork bags are from homework handymen, and few iconic brands side to attract consumers. For example, the above-mentioned French brand Laflore, to create a suitable contemporary consumer concept and application of Bobobar cork backpack after, continue to launch the second Bebebar day and night cork bag, still have more than 8,000 people support, get the investment of more than 1.7 million dollars.
You don’t try to launch your cork leather project, you never know where your profits reach.

5️⃣. vegan leather market globalization
Geographically, North America has the largest share of the global vegan leather market. In addition, Europe is the second-largest market for vegan leather due to the increasing demand for animal-free and environmentally friendly alternatives. Due to the rapid growth of markets such as the United Kingdom and France, the European region provides a huge potential for market growth. The Asia Pacific holds a considerable share of the vegan leather market due to the rapid growth of markets such as China, India, Japan and South Korea. China is the largest vegan leather market in the Asia-Pacific region.
This industry is growing over time and you could soon be part of this industry.
So if you want to make a lot of money in the next decade, consider starting your own cork leather project.
Hopefully, this will give you the motivation to start your project soon.

3. How to start my business

1. choose your reliable cork leather supplier.
A reliable supplier plays a key role in your business, a reliable manufacturer can provide quality products and save more budget because there is no middleman, which is the optimal option for you just start your business. As the original cork manufacturer, we can provide you with efficient service; just visit https://www.hzcork.com to get your cork leather as soon as possible.


 2. You need to promote your project
For example, make a website for your cork leather project by using social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram. You can further promote your cork business by having a booth at important events at fairs (e.g. concerts, exhibitions, etc.).

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3. Expand your market
When your business has been very stable, want to expand in the big direction, vegan leather is the fastest-growing Asian market, we are happy to help you answer the notes, as well as avoid some unnecessary risks.


4. At this point, you will begin to see some progress in day-to-day sales.
You know what happens next …… is making money every day! The environmental business is unlimited for the next ten years.

Based on the many outstanding properties of cork, the cork can be made into cork fabrics, cork sports products, cork bags, etc., which are considered one of the best alternatives to leather.

Choose the right cork products to promote your low carbon sustainable project.

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