Inventory of the top 9 creative ideas for cork in 2022

As a revolutionary natural material, cork is very widely used due to its excellent physical properties, and designers have created very creative artworks in different fields. Here is a list of 9 creative cork designs this year.


1. Anta Cork Casual Sneakers

The well-known sports brand Anta, recently created a full upper cork casual sports shoes, we call cork models “volcano shoes”. To be honest, I was really surprised, the cork and shoe type are so harmonious, plus the cork natural color scheme, it is hard not to want to have a pair. Although before this, Nike also launched cork models of Air Force 1 and MAX90 shoes, but not as big as the shock of this.

Why cork can be widely used in the shoe industry, all because of its comprehensive characteristics: cork is light, flexible, unique surface texture, comfortable to the touch. Whether it’s sneakers, high heels, or boots, you can find them all using cork.


2.Screwless and plastic-free cork headphones

This cork headset is an eco-friendly audio accessory designed to change the way we think about basic technology products in terms of materials and beyond. The ear cups and headband sliders of the headphones are made of cork, thus eliminating the need for traditional plastic, glue and screws for construction.


The cork headphones are the design work of Pauline Ariaux and Jacopo Ferrari, and were made by Jean Yves Lerate in his studio in Auray, France. The cork material was provided by Corticeira Amorim, and Ariaux was able to create a fully functional prototype in just five days during a workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet, led by the Pedrita design duo.

Weighing only 64 grams (0.14 pounds), these headphones are ultra-light! Cork is a versatile material that is being explored for designing sustainable products. It is non-allergenic, flexible, soundproof, moisture resistant and soft to the touch. If you are an everyday headphone user, you know that a lot of wear and tear occurs, and we usually do not repair but upgrade, which increases our plastic consumption. Cork headphones are easy to repair and disassemble due to the assembly based on the compressibility of the material. No glue, no upholstery, no screws – just cork, simple electronic parts, steel and foam.

cork headphones 3
cork headphones 1

3. High-end exquisite cork bag

French brand LaFlore Paris, the company was founded by father-daughter duo Elie and Natacha Seroussi. The main focus is on stylish, minimalist fashion veganism and sustainability as a way to create the first high-end cork multifunctional bag BOBOBARK when its Kickstarter launch raised a staggering $1.4 million in funding.
Natacha explains that finding alternatives to traditional leather is not easy, and that “plastic” vegan leather is not an option due to its environmental impact. She also doesn’t like pineapple or apple skin leather alternatives, as interesting as they may be. She says they “look too much like fabric, and don’t have the ‘live’ and organic texture we want.” Then she found cork.


Bobobark is a versatile, convertible backpack purse that embodies the Parisian fashion tradition while being comfortable, functional and organized. Our handmade designer pieces can be worn as a shoulder bag (handbag style), backpack or briefcase.
Bobobark’s cork leather exterior makes it waterproof, lightweight, durable and easy to clean. When properly cared for, cork can retain its beautiful and unique look indefinitely.


LaFlore’s beautiful bags prove that the third way to sustainable handbags is neither leather nor plastic vegan leather. Cork is a friendlier and more sustainable alternative than either.


4.Natural experience of cork yoga products

In the past traditional plastic yoga products, you may encounter sweat wet slippery, smell residue, stain residue, chemical allergy and so on affect our exercise practice, but yoga products made of cork can solve these problems very well.


The cork yoga mat is made of cork oak bark as the surface and the bottom uses natural rubber to provide cushioning. It has a faint smell of wood and natural rubber, and the cork is antibacterial, naturally eliminating bacteria, germs and odors. And the more you sweat. The stronger the grip of the cork yoga mat, the more you don’t have to worry about slipping anymore. There are also yoga blocks, yoga poles, yoga balls these yoga tools, I believe that once you have used them, you will let go of your original plastic products.

In a world full of synthetics and chemicals, it is becoming more and more challenging to find products that fit our healthy, natural yoga lifestyle. Cork yoga products are an excellent choice for any yogi. Cork is safe to use, environmentally friendly and lightweight, antibacterial and high-performance material that is perfect for your yoga practice.

For a comparison of different yoga mats please refer to the professional yoga experts at


5.Heat insulation comfortable cork phone case

Did you know that the majority of people worldwide use smartphones? According to incomplete statistics, there are over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. Of the 6 billion people, 80% use cases to keep their phones safe, which means there are over 4.8 billion cases in use! (Just projecting one case for one phone)
The problem is that most phone cases are made of plastic, which means that
They are not compostable
They are not biodegradable
They contain harmful chemicals
In other words, when you throw them away, they end up in landfills with all the other non-recyclable products and participate in the same pollution as any other plastic waste.
Even worse: over a billion boxes are produced every year! A billion cases of plastic! And the production of these products is not sustainable. It also produces carbon dioxide, which contributes directly to global warming.

cork phone case 2

So why do we need to achieve sustainable living. Fortunately, we can use cork phone cases, the perfect alternative to which non-reusable plastic. Phone cases made of cork leather are both environmentally friendly and perfectly suitable for vegans. Cork is a renewable material, making the phone cases 100% sustainable. Cork has natural shock-absorbing properties that protect your phone from accidental drops. But the real advantage of this material is that it is water-resistant, protecting your phone from water and liquid damage.

6.Heat insulation comfortable cork phone case

As you can see here, you should understand that cork is insulated, waterproof and easy to clean, which is perfect for glass coffee cups. Starbucks has designed several cups with cork as decoration before.

But I think the best one is this Starbucks X Bodum cork cup holder. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass that does not absorb taste or aroma, the beautifully shaped glass water bottle with a permanent stainless steel filter and cork exterior is a perfect match.

starbucks cork
starbucks cork coaster

In addition to the cork coaster, the cork coaster, again, is a great match.

7.Furniture new precious cork furniture

Cork furniture has been shown in many designs before, such as Google‘s New York building, which makes extensive use of cork furniture and design; Jasper Morrison’s cork furniture at the Kasmin exhibition in Chelsea, New York, etc.
This time IKEA and British designer Tom Dixon have launched a series of furniture made from cork that has been charred to give it a rich, dark brown color reminiscent of rosewood.

Cork furniture-1

The cork collection features a shelf, stool and three tables with round, fat silhouettes designed to make the material shine. “When I was a kid, we had cork floors in our house, and they were incredibly warm and great to the touch,” according to designer Dixon. It’s also sound-absorbing, fireproof, waterproof and lighter than water, which is why it floats on water so it’s easy to transport. When it comes to dream material, you really can’t find better than this.”

Cork furniture 3
Cork furniture-2

Because of its waterproof, fire-retardant properties, the material has been used historically for shoe making, flooring and wall coverings. Today, it’s experiencing a renaissance in design and construction because it’s also recyclable and, according to Dixon, can absorb carbon content without harming trees.
Dixon first conceptualized the round table and stool for his Gardening Will Save the World installation with IKEA, which won a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

8.Furniture new precious cork furniture

According to Zero Waste Week, the global beauty and cosmetics industry generates up to 120 billion pieces of non-recyclable packaging waste each year. From cling film, cardboard, thin paper, boxes and plastic bottles – to the actual products themselves, which may contain plastic particles such as microbeads – beauty and makeup solutions generate a lot of pollution.

UK-based cosmetics company Lush has introduced a new “carbon-positive” packaging solution – sourcing recycled-grown cork oak to create cork containers. For each cork can, Lush will pay the non-profit organization 5 euros to provide forest owners with the necessary resources to plant replantable oak trees without the use of pesticides.

biork-cork Packaging

Biork ™ EnergyBalance Switzerland offers a completely ecological deodorant. It is not packaged in a recyclable cork shell and is therefore completely free of plastic. Its natural mineral stones are impressive for their longevity. This makes Biork ™ deodorant particularly sustainable. The cork serves as a shell and a holder for the unpackaged Biork ™ deodorant. Thanks to its flexible nature, it adapts perfectly to the crystal and protects it. Cork is a renewable raw material. It is easy to recycle and is recommended by nature conservation organizations.
Organic and cork become Biork™ a deodorant, an all-around ecological, sustainable and packaging-free product.

Other prominent cosmetic companies are also trying to rethink packaging. Garnier has partnered with upcycling company TerraCycle to offer customers a recycling program for specific beauty products. L’Oréal has also jumped on the bandwagon, signing up with PureCycle Technologies to begin using bio-sourced and recyclable plastic packaging.


9.Creative cork stickers

These natural cork stickers can be applied to anything: peel and stick them on your notebooks, folders, containers, storage jars, crafts, Mason jars to create a unique look for your items.
Cork stickers can be written with a marker or pen. Write a memo and stick them on your wine bottles, party favor bags, storage boxes, cards, etc.


Based on the many outstanding properties of cork, the cork can be made into cork fabrics, cork sports products, cork bags, etc., which are considered one of the best alternatives to leather.

Choose the right cork products to promote your low carbon sustainable project.

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