How cork fabric is produced

The cork oak is one of the world’s oldest surviving tree species and one of the most valuable green renewable resources.
As the saying goes: “trees are afraid of bark”, ordinary trees will soon die after being stripped of their bark, as they can no longer draw nutrients from the roots, but cork trees can be regularly stripped of their bark, usually more than 20 years old cork timber can be stripped for the first time, and then every 10 to 20 years can be stripped again for use, is an excellent renewable environmental protection material.


How cork is processed

There are five main methods of processing cork, namely splicing, cutting, veneering, bending and folding, and bending, each of which is described below.


Cork processing method

Multiple pieces of cork are spliced in a way that is perpendicular to the direction of the bend, and the splices are artificially staggered to produce an arc. This method can produce any curvature and is structurally stable.

Cork stitching

Whole piece cutting method

A piece of cork is cut out of a cork shape without the use of any splicing or structure, as the light weight of the cork and the customisable volume of the raw material allows the use of this method and the physical and seating sensations are very comfortable and the load-bearing capacity is high, but the cost of the cork and processing equipment used is very high and not affordable for the average household.


Leather wrapping method

Similar to a sofa cover, very thin pieces of cork are used as veneer material, which is applied to a rigid panel that can be bent at any angle due to the small thickness of the material, and the bonded seams can be made to give the effect of sofa stitching.


Cork bending and folding addition method

Thicker cork will break if bent at large angles, but the bending angle can be increased by cutting the cork thinly, and this effect can also be achieved by bending and stacking multiple pieces of this type of cork.


Bending method

The cork is bent to the limit of its deformation and then fixed, with the whole piece being used as a seat and armrest. The whole piece is used as a seat and armrest, and is reinforced by multiple layers of cork in the load-bearing areas and supported by structural elements underneath.

How cork fabric is processed

Manual measurement

As a leading company in the cork industry, HZCORK has absolutely enough experience in cork material processing, and can use the most suitable processing methods to manufacture the best products according to different cork products.

During the production of cork fabric, HZCORK will first sort out cork material by following strictly the sorting standards of Portuguese cork, using professional cork cutting machine to remove the old skin of the cork surface, and cut it into cork blocks of uniform size, then splice these high-quality cork blocks together by hands. And then compress them into cork column.


Next, we use FSC certified cork peeling machine to peel off the cork column into rolls of cork sheet, because cork sheet is very thin and can not be used directly, HZCORK uses professional cork fabric adhering machine to glue the very thin cork sheet onto the supporting fabric backing. After passed the final inspection by our experienced quality inspectors, the natural and eco-friendly exquisite cork fabric will be ready.

The cork material is comfortable and soft, can be in various shapes, which demonstrates the irreplaceable features while other materials do not have. More importantly, the products made of cork material conform to the concept of green design, because the bark of cork oak tree can be regenerated in about 8-9 years, which makes it truly sustainable, achieving “Zero waste of wood resources”.


Environmental protection and sustainable development are the directions of our future development. Now the international demand for cork materials is increasing every year. With the gradual increase of people’s awareness of eco-consciousness, the application scope and production technology of cork are also greatly improved. Cork will become the new favorite in the field of new materials with its unparalleled characteristics and both internal and external qualities.

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