What is cork used for

Cork is a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly product that has changed the environment in which people live or work to a large extent, and has improved the quality of life.

Thanks to its sustainability and the fact that it is recycled throughout the production process, cork is, by its very nature, also environmentally friendly.

The increasing value of cork also stems from its remarkable characteristics: firstly, it is able to repair its tissues and grow new bark automatically after harvesting. Secondly, each time we harvest it, we do not harm the growth of the tree in any way. Thus, cork is a renewable natural resource.

cork sheet

The properties and history of cork

With a range of excellent properties such as low density, compressibility, elasticity, impermeability, water barrier, moisture resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, vibration damping, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, insulation and abrasion resistance, cork can be useful in a variety of fields.

The use of cork dates back to 1000 BC when the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Persians were already using it for fishing floats, as well as for sealing bottle tops and building roofs. In Greece, some Roman jars were found with their mouths sealed with cork, including wine.
And in modern times, cork is much more widely used.


The application of cork

Cork and wine, this is a constant match. The use of cork will have many benefits, wine is a low wine, easily oxidised and spoiled, need a better seal, cork has very good flexibility, sealing, no smell, just fit for making wine stopper. Moreover, there are many tiny air holes in the grain of the cork wood, which allow a very small amount of air to come into contact with the wine, allowing the wine to become more complex and rounded during the ageing process and the wine to be more varied.

cork 3

Cork flooring is environmentally friendly. Whereas solid wood or solid wood laminate flooring is made by cutting down trees, cork is made using the bark of trees. The bark is renewable, resulting in sustainable and environmentally friendly regeneration.
Cork, because it feels soft, is itself a polyhedral structure, like a honeycomb, full of air, 50% air, people feel after stepping on 50% air, very soft like people walking on the beach as quiet, which also allows it to have a certain degree of slip resistance, the elderly and children walking on it is safer.
When it comes to cork, many people will worry about whether it will be damp, since the cork barrels and cork stoppers in the century-old cellars have no problem, naturally cork has a very good moisture-proof performance. 1932 the Dutch in the Beijing Library laid cork flooring for 70 years only wear 0.5mm, it can be seen, cork is very wear-resistant.


Cork furniture

Cork materials are comfortable, soft and versatile, highlighting the irreplaceable superiority of other materials, but more importantly, cork materials made of household products in line with the concept of green design, renewable bark of cork species, to achieve “zero loss of wood resources”, cork household products of special production processes, you can eliminate the solid wood furniture in the spray paint and other processes, can achieve zero release of toxic gases.
Environmental protection and sustainable development is the future direction of development, and now the international demand for cork materials is increasing every year, with people’s awareness of environmental protection gradually increasing, the scope of application of cork and production processes are also increasing significantly. Cork, with its unparalleled qualities and character both inside and out, will become a new favorite in the home furnishing sector.

Cork furniture-1
Cork furniture-2

In an interview with Oliver Heilmer, Design Director of the MINI brand, he said: “In the future we will no longer need leather interiors because we don’t think that’s sustainable. We also believe that even without leather, we can create modern and high-value products”.
MINI has officially unveiled a new model in association with British fashion designer Paul Smith, the MINI STRIP, in which all the clever details have been designed in a minimalist form. Simplicity, transparency and sustainability form the central themes of the design process. The trim panels above the centre console and the interior panels on the upper part of the doors are made from recycled cork, which does not contain any synthetic adhesives and is fully recyclable.

MINI STRIP and Paul Smith

Mazda MX-30 uses cork as an interior material to reduce tree felling and help the environment
Cork is not the kind of material you’d expect to find in a luxury car, let alone a mass-produced crossover. But not Mazda, which has incorporated cork into the interior of the MX-30 crossover. This material is sourced from tree bark without having to cut down trees, reflecting the brand’s environmental consciousness.
The MX-30 is the first all-electric model from Mazda to feature this cork trim in some areas of the centre console, supplied by Uchiyama Manufacturing Corp. of Hiroshima, Japan. It is actually interesting to note that Mazda was formerly known as Toyo Cork Industries Ltd. and today’s Mazda cannot help but be associated with cork again.


Cork fashion

A cork handbag made from cork leather with the benefits of vegan leather (100% residue-free), waterproof and durable. Lightweight and soft, non-flammable, hard-wearing and easy to clean, with a delicate natural texture and elegant colour, it is gradually becoming a new fashion favourite.

calvin-klein-cork bag
calvin-klein-cork bag
White Cork chain bag

Cork Apparel

The German Birkenstock sandal brand uses a cork sole created by shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock in the late 19th century to stand out in the market – NEVER GET OUT OF CORK

American actress Jena Malone played Johanna Mason in the film “The Hunger Games II”, in which she wore a cork fabric costume. One of the designers of the costume was Alexander McQueen and the costume was exhibited in Portugal.

Portuguese fashion designer Cláudia Sousa entered and won a fashion competition in 2000. Her cork collection wowed the judges and caught everyone’s eye when it was unveiled. The innovative design made headlines and Cláudia Sousa became known as the “Cork Girl”.

The Hunger Games II

Cork shoes


Cork Sport

FIFA certified cork turf

Cork turf is 100% Portuguese and is a pioneer in the sporting field, certified by FIFA and has been laid in football stadiums in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Canada.

FIFA certified cork turf

The sturdy structure of cork means that it is completely flat. It is non-slip and 100% sweat-proof. Because cork is naturally antibacterial, it eliminates bacteria and odours. That’s why cork yoga supplies are the hottest choice today.


Many of the items we commonly use in everyday life can actually be replaced with beautiful sustainable cork products.

cork mats
Cokr Mats
Cork Stopper
Cork Stopper
Cork Cup Holder
Cork Cup Holder
Cork Floor Mats
Cork Floor Mats
Cork Hangtags
Cork Balls
Cork Balls
Cork Notebook
Cork Notebook
Cork Pet Collars
Cork Pet Collars
Cork Desktop
Cork Box
Cork Board
Cork Hangtags

Cork is very versatile and most importantly, it is a natural, sustainable and recyclable product, which is a trend that is very beneficial to our ecological development. If you don’t have a clue about your products in the recent “Carbon Dump, Carbon Neutral” issue, try using cork, it’s definitely the right choice for you.


Cork Products Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

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