The most suitable Christmas gifts – cork gifts

2021 we have experienced a lot, rampant diseases everywhere, ecological changes, climate anomalies and a series of other bad things, fortunately, we have experienced it all, and finally ushered in our Christmas, we are still together. Because we have been through so much, we treasure our family, our friends and our environment even more. So in choosing Christmas gifts, I will pick more meaningful and more environmentally friendly Christmas gifts for my lovers.
Here are some very suitable cork gifts we recommend.

cork chrismas-3

The best choice for gentlemen

Cork card wallet

For the gentleman, a cork wallet is a great choice. The men’s wallet is very useful to keep all the cards neat and tidy, and the HZCORK wallet is also very slim and has enough space for cards.

Cork card holders are soft to the touch and handcrafted from vegan leather, a residue-free cork fabric. The card holder is a clever all-inclusive tool for your credit cards, business cards and cash. Easy to carry.

5 credit card slots (2 front + 3 back)
Central pocket for folded cash and bills
RFID safe
Central pocket with folded nylon strap for easy cash removal
Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 5 (mm)

We bet he will be very satisfied.

Ladies' favorite

For the ladies, the cork bag is the first choice. Usually, a thousand bags on the street don’t seem to show themselves off very well. The cork bag itself comes with a unique natural texture, carefully designed by the designer and expertly crafted by our handyman, will definitely make a statement.

calvin-klein-cork bag
calvin-klein-cork bag
White Cork chain bag

Handcrafted from vegan leather, cruelty-free, durable and lightweight cork fabric. (100% animal-free), waterproof, and stain-resistant
Smooth texture, non-flammable, wear-resistant, easy to clean, with a natural texture of fine, elegant color

Combines unique design fashion and environmental awareness.

– 100% animal-free, PETA-approved vegan leather

– Natural, FSC certified cork

In addition to this there is also a cork yoga collection available. As the saying goes, Life is movement, and for families who love sports, cork yoga products will make them love nature and sports even more.
Cork fabric is a sustainable and renewable material that comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is soft to the touch, durable and lightweight.
In addition, it is anti-bacterial and moisture resistant, perfect for yoga mats, non-toxic and absorbs sweat.
Naturally antibacterial, easy to clean and odorless.
Durable and high quality, unlike other options that can become wet and discolored over time.


The record of children's growth

 For children, documenting life is undoubtedly the best gift and these traces of life can grow with him.Made from cork, the eco-friendly cork notebook with natural texture has a richer touch, recording life in nature.

Cork Notebook
Cork Notebook
cork notebook
Cork Notebook

Parents' love

Cork kitchen mats

 For parents, cork placemats are also a wonderful choice, every Christmas we return to our parents’ home, parents will prepare a large table of food waiting for us, enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of family reunion.
– Vegan products, using the Portuguese cork.
– Eco-friendly, long-lasting, waterproof and soft to the touch.
These natural cork table mats are perfect for preventing damage to your table from heat or spills.


Cork Products Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

cork leather-colored


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